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Shattering The Looking Glass And Exposing The Settler Hiding Behind It: A Response On Behalf Of The Central Committee Of The RIBPP To “Through The Looking Glass, And What Kevin Found There: A Statement Of The Politburo Of The NABPP On The Split In Our Party (2021), By Kevin ” Rashid” Johnson, MOD, RIBPP

“Myths are not built out of the concrete contradictions existing in given conditions and therefore are not a scientific reflection of reality. That is to say. In myths or nursery tales the aspects constituting a contradiction have only an imaginary

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Who Is Kwame Shakur (Aka Dayon Miller) And Who Is He Working For? A Response To His Jan 4, 2021 Facebook Statement Against The Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (2021)

“Be on your guard against conspiracy mania, against posing, adopting airs of mystery, dramatizing simple events, or ‘conspiratorial’ attitudes. The greatest virtue in a revolutionary is simplicity, and scorn for all poses…including ‘revolutionary’ and especially conspiratorial poses.” -Victor Serge, WHAT

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