LATE WAKEUP CALL FOR PALESTINE (2024) By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson

The call came
Late in the morning
While Amerika was yawning
Palestine was mourning
Thousands dead
In atrocious attacks
As the world protests
Like the invasion of Iraq
In 2003
This is 20 years since
No weapons of mass destruction
But there is a border fence
Surrounding Palestine
To keep her people corralled
No food no medicines
Living conditions foul
Homes reduced to rubble
Bombed without regard
For civilians within
Toppled like houses of cards
Voices of opposition
To the outrages seen
Are attacked by the Zionist’s
Propaganda machine
Lies upon lies
To a world being fed
Turning a fascistic occupation
Onto its head
Painting the victims as villains
Erasing mass killings
Putting crosshairs on children
While the US foots the bill and
Supplies the weapons
For yet another genocide
Like the millions upon millions
Of Native Americans who died
In much the same way
Causing much the same despair
Ethnic cleansing for land
Then claiming no one lived there
Over 70 years of Israel
Stealing their land
Pushing them to live on
Barren patches of sand
As long they’re dark-skinned
Extermination is fine
It’s a late wake up call
Wake up y’all
For Palestine


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