ADHD False Affliction (2023) By Kevin Rashid Johnson

The thing with invented
Are it’s self proclaimed professionals
Are in possession
Of all the made up credentials
That are essential
To inventing false social afflictions
Then prescribing treatments
That cause bad results like drug addictions
Treatments that help them turn huge profits
Like pharmaceuticals who own the drug market
They invent disorders then claim people need
Treatments like commercialized speed
Attention Deficit Disorder
Is one such case
Add Hyperactivity and it’s the face
Of every child with a healthy mind
Whose imagination burns to find
Its own solutions
In an enchanting world
But the powers that be prefer their minds be sterile
Docile children are easy to mold
Easy to contain easy to control
Cuz this social order
Serves only a few
Who keep everyone else thinking inside a cube
They can’t afford critical eyes
Who might question their lies
Look outside the box they’ve devised
Cuz just such minds
Can’t be controlled
And will rise against the status quo
Those in power
Must keep the order
So they claim anything a disorder
That doesn’t submit to their suggestions
That might grown to probe and question
A system steeped in exploitation and blood
Nip all potential critics in the bud
So children with active minds
Minds that are free
Are villainized as ADHD


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