first shelter
night of growth
from gestation
comes youth

cycle of life
first begun
two forms
to one

from a pool
dark in form
emitted to light
newly born

a gift to a world
torn by strife
oblivious to its turmoils
this innocent life

ideas developed
from all around
from every smell taste
touch sight and sound

prejudices shared
from those held dear
loves from those
drawn near

from fools
from fears and nonsense
dark ideas germinate
corrupting innocence

a dark soul
wonder at beauty
empathy dissolves

a need for power
corrupted by those in charge
greed hour by hour

until it overwhelms
compassion consumed
not a care about
sending others to early tombs

for the sake of gaining
worldly spoils
at the expense
of others’ toils

this dak soul rises
climbing over
bodies heaped so high
those below smother

this is the world
that capitalism creates
people consumed
by bigotries and hate

self interest
ones chief

private profit
at the cost
of entire
societies lost

lies to rationalize
the loss of basic sense
artificial shortages
to increase the expense

of things created
by the collective labor
of the poor and working people
those who savor

the small things
that bind communities together
forcing multitudes to suffer
for no good reason whatsoever

because what we produce
could easily meet
the needs of all
life could be so sweet

instead its reduced
to a global warzone
descended into destruction
ashes and bones

environmental crises
land despoiled
children starving
their faces soiled

youth reduced
to running in packs
indifferent to life
like sewer rats

this is the world
capitalism creates
a sesspool
of violence and hate


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