THE EARTH’S WRETCHED BREAK FREE (2024) By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Forgotten ill begotten
of lowly birth
Hindmost hated most
the wretched of the earth

Called the criminal element
irrelevant to the power elite
By them unprotected but expected
to bow at their feet

Not me, my sights are set on
the only solution
To an inverted world
building people’s revolution

Dethrone the rich
switch the status quo
Convert the ignorant and poor
into those that know

Reduce the high to the low
dispossess them
Redistribute wealth
the poor don’t need divine help to bless them

Through collective struggle
we the have nots
Can meet our own needs
pooling what we’ve all got

Cooperation not competition
like the Panthers taught
This is the war
that must be fought

Not over races
geographical spaces or gender divides
These are diversions that disguise
the true oppressors that hide

Behind political deceptions
of democratic rule
It’s the rich who have power
and consider the rest of us fools

They teach us to admire
and aspire to be like them
Cut other’s throats and gloat
on wealth and whim

An uncouth and bewildered herd
is what they call us
Proclaiming an unwritten right
to rule over all of us

We must dethrone them
if we’re ever to be free
A truth no owner wants
slaves to see

So the world’s workers
and the oppressed must unite
Join ranks as a people’s army
and fight

Because the rich will never
give what the people ask for
We must take power
united in class war

We can counter their war machine
that encircles the globe
Pretending to champion freedom
but holding the world in a choke hold

Once in Amerika we wake up
take up the struggle right here
The entire world can finally break free
of this imperialist nightmare
Write to: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson #1007485
Greensville Correctional Center
901 Corrections Way
Jarratt, VA 23870-9614


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