HERE IS GOD (2024) By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson

Here I stand folks
No robes no glowing head rings
I don’t drown whole peoples
Commit genocide none not those things

Don’t hurl lightning bolts
That’s just the effects
Of atmospheric charges
I won’t condemn you for unwed sex

I didn’t lay with Mary
And thereby conceive
A miraculous white baby
Come to relieve

The world of sin
Condemning masses
To eternal damnation
Evil is the result of ruling classes

Before whose existence
The world was a communal paradise
Their drive to hoard wealth and power
That was the device

That reduced societies of equals
To ones driven by greed
This is the root of evil
These are the seeds

Planted long ago
That now has the world needing
Revolutionary salvation
There was no garden of Eden

No temptation by Eve
No original sin
These were myths
Invented by chauvinist men

I didn’t create the world
In seven days
You won’t burn in flames
For being trans or gay

There’s no eternal paradise
Up yonder in the clouds
No places for roasting souls
Under the ground

There IS a universal intelligence
But hell it ain’t mines
It’s the natural order of things
Evolved through space and time

Of course if I’m not
Any of these things
There’s no opposite person
Who all evil brings

No devil no fallen angel
No tempter of men
There’s no horned monster
Driving all sin

I didn’t create people
It’s actually the other way around
Men invented me
Making me look and sound

Like the rulers of the time
Tyrannical kings
Who called everyone else servants
And such silly things

Who looked down from thrones
Jealous of your praise
These were concepts developed
During primitive days

When people were ignorant
Science was young
And rulers kept the masses
Superstitious and dumb

So they’d submit to them
As the divine order of things
As stand-ins for me
Who supposedly ordained them as kings

I had no hand
In any of this madness
And would never permit
So much suffering and sadness

That pervades the world
Of the living
If I were in control
I’d only be giving

Genuine love wealth
And cheer to every soul
Not sitting by watching innocents suffer
Detached and cold

The whole idea of me
Is a weapon for knaves
That has subjugated women and children
Reduced Blacks to slaves

And I most certainly wouldn’t send people
To cleanse you of sin
Whose aim was wealth and fame
Petty con men

These so called preachers
Playing on your sense of guilt
And rob your pockets
Of money used to build

Mansions for them
Luxurious lifestyles
While many of their own followers
Can scarcely feed their own child

As missionaries they paved the way
For colonial invasions
To steal resources and land
Enslave whole nations

Arabs and Europeans
Did the very same thing
Invoked me as a weapon
To invade and bring

So called salvation to Afrikans
To people living in peace
Reduced them to slavery
Poverty war and disease

It was claimed I gave privilege
To blue eyes blonde hair
Used it to spread
Notions of white supremacy everywhere

Humans have such grand egos
Placing themselves first
Why would a god give so much attention
To this one speck in the universe

The claim is I’m loving enlightened
Yet exterminate whole nations
Condemn innocents for things done
By previous generations

No one whose done what I have
Could ever be called good
Have you save your soul
With barbaric rituals like eating flesh and drinking blood

The whole concept of me
Is nothing but a hustle
A means of controlling and exploiting
Without need of arms and muscle

Subjugating masses of people
Manipulating their minds
This is the motive
All that lies behind

The myth of my existence
For which so many have been killed
Whole societies reduced to rubble
And I’m not even real


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