Who are they
serving and protecting
with knees
on our necks?
The only service
we get is

They are here solely for
the powerful and rich,
Protecting their bottom line
their high end crimes
for the rest they got an itch…

To use us like
shooting range targets,
They don’t solve problems
they’re the ones that start shit.

Jumping outta cars
screaming and cussing,
Instigating escalating
so they can start bustin’…

they’re not
here to intervene,
they’re here to create
their own crime scene.

Murder they claim
was justified,
whatever they wrote in their reports
they lied
it was homicide.

Killing unarmed people
like it’s a style,
Young black or brown…
their targets’ profile.

Our people
are being hunted and stalked,
living in fear so we gotta give
our children ”The Talk”…

On how to
look speak and act,
Hoping to avoid being shot
in their backs
for being Black.

Squeezing triggers on ni**ers
is a sport,
And there’s a term for what
they do when they appear in court.

It’s not called
It’s called

The entire courtroom theater
is a game,
in case after case
the outcome
is the same.

They shoot
we die,
In court
they lie.

Off to prison
we go,
A real live
matrix rabbit hole.

it was the Klan,
Today it’s
the policeman.

Racism sadism
are not things that has been,
The cops ain’t your friend
they’re armed madmen.


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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