Womyn Freedom Fighters

Womyn Freedom Fighters

The least inspired
Reduced to objects
Of men’s desires

These are not
the place
Nor the spaces
She should face
Left to tend the home
To fend alone
Supporting men doing bids
Rearing kids
Fearing sobriety
Fighting anxiety
And all sorta
Stress disorders

Her place
Is not to face
These things alone
Instead communities of support
Should surround the home
Of which she should
Be the backbone

There was a time
When she refused to
Be degraded
Resisted being paraded
As appendages to men
Sexualized made to lend
Her body to them for favors
Then left to bear men again in labor

A woman’s place is
All the spaces
Wherein the community
Is fraught with disunity
So that she can lend
Her fortitude
To helping mend
All those fissures
Cracks and fractures
Extend her hand
To help us recapture
The male’s imaginations
That has defected
Fallen prey to images projected
Teaching that women
Should be rejected
Not loved and protected

Reclaiming her role
Of clan leader
Not the caricature
Of a man-eater
As the feminists would
Have us perceived her…
Her place is unifier
Not divider
Not gratifier
But nurturer of all deep inside her

To answer the riddle
Of world crises
What is the solution
To the question
Of a woman’s place
The answer is IN REVOLUTION!


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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