There’s nothing new
To how you play on words,
Talking heads used
To make lies heard.

Like taking law professor Derrick Bell’s
Critical Race Theory,
A term you ripped off from academia
Trying to bury…

The teaching of
True Amerikan history,
Hiding reality behind brainwash
To create a mystery

About the racism
And terror,
Inflicted intentionally
Not by error.

Against Blacks
And Browns,
And bury
Deep down.

The truth,
>From the youth.

So the abuses
Can continue,
And the people won’t recognize
When you

Repeat the outrages
Of the past,
So that we
Can’t contrast

Then and now,
To see just how

Shit hasn’t changed
Much at all,
So you use CRT
As a trigger word to call

Teaching true history
As something divisive,
Of incisive

To prevent
Any reconciliation,
For the horrors committed
By this racist nation.

That was built
And is still sustained,
By abuses
That are still maintained

By the very fact
Of lies and diversions,
That you feed the people…
Those whitewashed versions

Of reality,
Not the totality

Of things
As they took place,
How you divided the people
With the invented notion of race.

Those who now
denounce CRT,
Are white supremacists
Who want to see

Things continue
As they’ve always been,
And they can do racist shit outright
Like way back when.

Malcolm X said oppressed people
Must know the past,
So they can
Understand and contrast

Where they
Are now,
>From where they came from
And how

They got
So they don’t live
In confusion and fear.

This is why
They took a term,
That applied
To law schools to learn

About racism
In U.S. institutions,
And twisted it
To include in

Its meaning
The basic education,
About the racist history
Of this nation.

So these things
Can be hidden,
And we would
Do the bidding

Of folks who think
Just like the Klan,
Folks who
Still have a plan

To degrade
Every person on sight,
Who ain’t right
Cuz we ain’t rich and white.

Racist motherfuckers
Turning shit upside down,
Those who challenge white supremacy
Are portrayed as now

The ones to be
Denounced as actual racists,
So the fascists
Can operate openly in public spaces

The victim spreading the truth
You’re told to fear me,
By hypocrites twisting
CRT into a Hypocritical Race Theory.


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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