WHAT IS A PIG? (2022)



Whenever the people try to get you off our back,

You pretend you’re the victim of an unprovoked attack.

The pig is a foul traducer

It was Huey P. Newton who introduced the


So the people could learn

To stop fearing the police

Politicians and racist beasts

Who prey upon and attack

The Brown and Black

And other

Communities of color

And the poor

Cuz before

We saw them as above challenge

Terrorized into silence by their violence

Living paralyzed with fear

Making clear

The awe had to be wiped ALL the way away

Or we’d always stay

In this state of paralysis

So a corrected analysis

Had to be brought to bear

This foul traducer was really NOTHING TO FEAR

Their abuse could be checked if

We took a collective


Watch the watchers like the Panthers did

Eliminate the rich roaches where we live.

The term pig portrays the cops as caricatures

Not the hero brainwash but Animal Farm characters

Armed enforcers of the rich and powerful

Here to keep the poor

Corraled like bulls

Good cop bad cop the game is old

The carrot and the stick

Two tactics one goal

To maintain control

Deny the people’s basic needs

Protecting the rich parasites who feed

On our wealth

On our health

Whether Republicans or Democrats

All of them are rats

Millionaires who don’t care

About where we living at.

At the margins young Black Brown and poor

Whenever the cops come in crime rates soar

Cuz they ARE the source

They leave things get resolved by community recourse

Minneapolis 2020 proved the case

Pigs got pushed out the people took over the space

George Floyd’s lynching lit the spark

Videos exposed a world kept in the dark

The suffering we endure right here

Terrorizing people of color the Amerikan nightmare

It was a repeat of the exposures of the 60s

Riots and the Panthers in response to pig brutality

So the system countered with

An entertainment industry spinning pro-cop myths

Of glorified mole’s rats and hero pigs

Whitewashing the foul shit they always did.

When the people cease being silent

About abusive police control

The pigs instigate violence

Then claim we can’t survive without their slave patrols

It’s the same Manifest Destiny and racist lies

Without white systems of control natives can’t live civilized

Fuck defunding the police

At very least

We can create our own peace

And security

In our own communities

Rely on ourselves to serve and protect

Stop them murdering our young and kneeling on our necks

Breaking up our families like plantation days

Arresting us by the millions

Shipped hundreds of miles away

Where the pigs come from anyway?

There were none in our communities back in the days

During Jim Crow their role keep the races separated

When legal segregation ended then they invaded

Internal containment was the plan

Evolved from slave patrols and the Ku Klux Klan.

When U.S. lies about racial equality burst

They gave badges to Black who act even worse

Insecure with something to prove

Can’t let their peers feel they identify with you

There are NO good cops, keep in mind

They ALL stand behind the thin blue line

Defy it they’re treated like an illegal foreigner

Or hunted down by their own like Christopher Dormer

>From those who like to hurt kill and lie

To all the rest who go along and turn a blind eye

Male, female

Other, white or Black

A pig is a pig they ALL got each other’s back

Above the law modern day Lynch mob

The REAL organized criminals-

They rape kill dope deal and rob

In our communities they’ve never kept the peace

NWA got one thing right

“Fuck tha Police”

Whenever the people try to get you off our back,

You pretend you’re the victim of an unprovoked attack.


Art and poem by Kevin Rashid Johnson


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