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For everyone who’s done hard time
and is about that action,
Who’s been on the receiving end
of a cell extraction.

Five pigs in riot armor
line up behind a shield,
Once they assemble
your fate is basically sealed.

The idea is NOT to
give you a fair fight,
They’re cowards taught that
an armored mob attack on one man is alright.

Momentum is
their main advantage,
Rushing together into your cell
before you can manage…

To engage any one of them
in a struggle,
You’re tackled by force
then all five will huddle

Restrain you
pile on your back,
Handcuff you leg shackle you
then comes the mob attack.

Raining down knees punches
gouge your eyes,
Squeeze your testicles
bend your fingers
and all the while to justify…

The dirt they’re doing
they’ll be insisting,
That YOU’RE the one being combative
yelling ”Stop resisting! Stop resisting!”

Few come out of these
altercations unscathed,
But feel vindicated by the fact
they stood fast and braved.

A fight they knew
they couldn’t win,
With pigs in crash helmets
body armor from chest to shin.

Most times the pigs instigate
these altercations
Violent situations that result
from their provocations.

Knowing you’re at the
Where like a video game
they harm you but themselves escape damage.

Keep in mind they’ll
play on your pride,
to instigate you into letting them
rush inside…

Your cell cuz they know
their odds are win win,
They’re the type
who think a fight is beating women and children.

Actually cell extractions are basically
the same,
Five armored pigs
versus one unarmed man.

Those who take pride in
joining extraction teams,
Are your typical insecure types
cowards with low self esteem.


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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