>From city to jail blocks
we live behind locks,
The world is much bigger
than this tiny cell box.

But like slaves
of old
confined within the fold,
Only allowed to know
what our enslavers have told

Each of us…
their lies
and pies in the skies
Deceptions meant
to disguise
so we don’t realize…

The bigger reality
the depth and totality,
Of the life
that might be
to revive our vitality

And ignite
our insight
our will to live right,
And fight
for a world turned back upright.

Oh yes!
We must outwit this sly fox
clear our minds and detox,
So we can think
outside the box.

Cuz the world we’re
and confined to live in,
Is much too small
for the masses
once risen.

We need true absolution
there is but one
A radical intrusion
it’s called revolution.

It’s not a trick word
though it may sound absurd,
But that’s because most
have only heard
it used as an idea to disturb…

The usual silence
with guns and violence,
With no real direction
purpose or guidance.

But the true meaning
of the term
means to upturn,
A system that causes
the masses to yearn

For equality
an end to impunity,
By a class
that preys on the people
causing mass insecurity.

By hoarding wealth
without regard for the health,
Of the people who produce
what they steal by stealth.

So our challenge
is to break the shackles and locks
that bind
and mocks,
And free our minds
from the confines
of a box.

The best foundation
and stage
was set and laid,
from Mao Zedong to Lenin
back to the beginning
with the revolutionary sage…
Karl Marx.


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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