GOD IS? (2022)

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God is what we do
It includes me and you
The eternity of our deeds
Is determined by serving the needs
Of the planet and the people
Metaphysics doesn’t determine
What is good and evil
What does is the use to which we put things
The social benefits or losses we bring
Gods have always been made
In the image of people
No vice versa
It’s easy to see through
In the image of rulers
Claiming divine right to rule
Organized religion was always their tool
Cuz people don’t resist what they hold in awe
So gods like rulers call their words the law
Reflecting the eras in which they arose
Its why they’re dressed in those
Ancient people’s clothes
In primitive times the gods were many
Reflecting nature’s forces and divisions
Societies of plenty
Both men and women
Just like those who governed
A pantheon of gods with divided labors
Then during feudal times
There arose the single savior
The idea of monotheism
One god in the image of an enthroned male king
A monarch jealous of other gods and anything
Made equal to him
His followers an inferior people to him
Servants who begged flattered and praised him
With tithes and offerings they paid him
Natural phenomena
That today we grasp with science
Were attributed to god as his divine works
Regarded with awe as divine violence
Rulers rule best by keeping people superstitious
So they don’t become suspicious
Of being exploited and oppressed
For the benefit of those who hold
Power which is why today they preserve
Religion and the notions of a god king of old
Although science contradicts those fantastic events
‘Miracles’ that today defy common sense
Snakes from sticks water to wine
Bear witness to it today
You’d be confined
For having lost your mind
The main weakness of the oppressed and
Uneducated is blind faith without question
Accepting the lie
Of a pie in the sky
To enjoy after you die
So those who live
High off what you give
live luxuriously and you won’t try
To get free
So you won’t see
That what they do
Is take your due
And conceal that the true god
Includes me and you.


By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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