Look at you iced out
in platinum chains,
The real power elite
think you’re insane.

Mocking their lifestyle
you want a car,
To elevate your status
not take you far.

Even when you
obtain items that they tell you,
Are status symbols
they lose their value

The moment you touch them
add your own style,
So spending all that money
wasn’t worth the while.

They’ll keep raising the bar
to exclude you,
Make sure their club memberships
always elude you.

They don’t want you around
you don’t belong,
The closest you’ll get
serving tables maybe sing them songs.

But like the old sambo
your soul’s for sale,
For a top hat
and swallow tails.

A comical imitation
of those who enslave you,
The very people
who degrade you.

Their styles and status symbols
you imitate,
Doesn’t matter
that it’s you they hate.

You think aping them
makes you great,
To sit in their place
you wouldn’t hesitate.

Everything they call valuable
is what they steal,
But you could access freely
if you but will…

Unite organize and educate
the workers,
Those who produce this wealth
not the shirkers…

Who appropriate it
those from high society,
The ones who should
have the worst notoriety

As the real crooks and killers
whose business deals,
Have the whole world
hungry at war and ill.

But the rich are heroes
is the image they feed ya,
Cuz they’re the ones who control
commercial media.

So of course they portray
themselves in stories,
As the best of all people
who should bask in glory.

When it’s all propaganda
misinformation and lies,
Putting rosy glasses
on their victims’ eyes.

Because of the rich
you are poor,
You have less
cuz they steal more.

And claim the right
to hoarde social wealth,
Deny you the means
of basic health.

But because they have power
and run the show,
It’s them you admire
and desire to know.

Wanna hobnob with ’em
eat at their tables,
Believe the lies they tell
in their glorified fables.

Looking down their noses
at you and yours,
Won’t even let you near
their front doors.

They blame you for being poor
for living in need,
When they cause these conditions
it’s off you they feed.

It’s the labor power
of the workers and slaves,
It’s by the sweat of their brow
that all wealth is made.

You build the luxury homes and cars
and make the clothes,
If you took possession of the system
then heaven knows…

We’d all be rich
we’d all be secure,
There would be
no such thing as the poor.

But until we embark
on this solution,
We’ll always live in need
of socialist revolution…


by Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson


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