MOTHER (2023)



she gifted the world
with your life
her own sacrificed
that you might
learn and grow
blossom and know
your way around
places people and things unkind
through difficult times
no greater bind
than her’s
like roots to branch
leaving nothing to chance
your first and lifelong protector
in turn we protect her
cultivated your energy
stood against your enemies
the one true friend of me
first to rise
that hungry mouths might feed
the last to leave
she always believed
in her children’s greatness
no matter others hatred
or condemnation
committed for the duration
she was patient
endured your every shade
and season
for a lifetime
you were her reason
for being
a lifeline
at just the right times
she’d come through
never succumb to
self interest
or self need
to nurture and protect her seed
you would always be
her first priority
your first authority
even fully grown
you’d never outgrow her
forever her baby
you’d always owe her
no one could know her
as you have
flesh of her own
developed and grown
beneath her heart
from womb to tomb
bound your wounds
your very first tunes
were her croons
hummed in your ears
to dispel the fears
that chased sleep away
day by day by day
she’d stay
until consumed by grey
until her resting day
a love like no other
without her there’d be none of us
our one enduring trust
greater than father sister or brother
the dearest of all loves
our mother


By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson


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