youth defy words
but imitate deeds
so it matters little who they’ve heard
but most those they see
they’re reflective
not introspective
hence role models
are what we
should aim to be
this is key
to the need
that we
lead by example
practice – the best teacher
preachers – most often fake samples
words create ideals
but practice is what’s real
hence youth replicate the features
of those they admire
by whom they’re inspired
role models set the heights
to which they aspire
this answers why
the world has gone so wrong
the mantle of leadership today
is plagued by throngs
of misleaders
not fit to run their own baths
good talkers opportunists
who set others upon wrong paths
driving them from reality
into daydreams dope and bottles
the world needs now more than ever
true role models
the one thing we should all aspire to be
as our responsibility
to lead
today’s youth to create tomorrows
of a world made free


By Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson


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