BIG MOMMA (2022)

Ain’t nobody down
Like Big Momma,
Kept it G
Through all the drama.

She was there
When you were born,
Had words of wisdom
When you were scorned.

When they jaded you
She aided you,
Combed out your knots
Brushed and braided you.

Don’t be tattling
Bully outside,
Get back out there
“No!” you cried.

You back talking?
Go get my strap,
You choose the bully
Bust his cap.

Attended your
Every event,
Holiday school
Birthday presents.

Fed you good
Then watched her soaps,
Even stuck by you
Strung out on dope.

Your big dreams
Dashed by life,
She rode it out
Through struggle and strife.

She bought you
Sunday shoes,
Taught you
How to choose

The right people
To befriend,
How to see through
Those who’d send

You crashing
To your end,
Kept a roof above
With spare ends.

When you brought
Your friends home,
She loved and fed them
Like her own.

Dressed you
When you was sick,
She blessed you
And was quick.

To defend you
When you needed,
Even in court
When you pleaded

“Not guilty”
To some mischief,
Even though you
Was scared stiff.

Sent away
To do the time,
Whether or not
You did the crime.

She held you down
Visits and all,
Took your calls.

When your homies
And everyone bailed,
Big Momma was there
Never turned tail.

No matter
What transpired,
She showed up
Never tired.

Never asked
Anything in return,
Only hope you’d
Grow and learn.

How to be
True to self,
And keep it real
With everyone else.

Ain’t nobody down
Like Big Momma,
She was the real G
Through all the drama.


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