There’s a whole history
of bloody denial,
Of crimes and benefits
for which you must reconcile.

From slavery and genocide
to Jim Crow outrages,
Your imprint is all over
Amerika’s racist history pages.

The most heinous abuses
were at your behest,
Brutalizing slave women
and their children no less.

Because produced
by your husband’s disloyalty and rapes,
You often had
the babies sold away.

Destroying families
spreading hopelessness,
Our unimagined pain
your feigned helplessness.

Then there were
the thousands lynched and,
Publicly tortured and humiliated
because white women

Falsely accused them
of sexual abuse,
Which you often did
in order to excuse

Yourself from blame
from the public shame,
Of having relations
with a Black man.

It was consensual
secrecy made the intensity great,
By when you feared others’ suspicion
you screamed rape!

Even more times
when nothing happened at all,
Black males falsely accused
you let take the fall.

A bump in an elevator
a whistle a desirous look,
You were silent or cheered
as their lives were took.

Entire communities assembled
a spectator event,
Gruesome public executions
for crimes they didn’t commit.

As if lynchings weren’t
enough for pause,
Black communities were destroyed
and you were the cause.

White riots ran rampant
you didn’t make a sound,
Like Rosewood and Black Wall Street
burned to the ground.

There were also your urges
forced on Black men,
To lay with you
or you’d have them lynched.

Then there was eugenics
white feminist women led the plan,
To eradicate us
by sterilizing Black women.

Hundreds of thousands fell victim
noone remembers their names,
But it inspired the Nazi program
of doing the same.

Sterilizing millions of Jewish women
Gypsies and outcasts,
This is your legacy
this is your past.

Black men were your playthings
Black women your rivals,
We served as compensation
for your own suffering and survival.

In a society where all endured
white male domination,
Instead of being an ally
you elected to prey on

Other victims of
this degenerate order,
Playing to white male violence
inciting so much slaughter.

There was a danger
of which many still live in fear,
Your power to summon great violence
with crocodile tears.

The mantra was
protecting white womanhood,
Invoked to justify genocide slavery
lynchings and white hoods.

When innocent Black children
marched to integrate schools,
You spat on them
cursed them beat them like mules.

Even your feminist ideas
run counter to the gender unity,
We need to sustain our families
repair our communities.

With its whitewashed history
there was never a time,
When Amerika has acknowledged
it’s history of racist crimes.

If we’re to come to terms with the truth
that brought us where we are,
White women’s role must be acknowledged
which is only the start.

Of the work needed
to move past this place,
Where we can come to embrace
that we are only one race…


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