Politicizing Prisoners

Amerika has always denied,
Holding political prisoners…
they lied.
From original Panthers
to anarchists and
They’ve always exiled
executed or locked away
those who were serious.
About challenging the status quo
removed so they couldn’t show,
The masses
the truth they know.
How capitalism robs
the working class,
And Amerika the ‘great’ was built on a past.
Of slavery and
Invented racism designed to
Everyone at the bottom
with lies.
To hide
the corruption and abuse
that still goes on,
Exploiting the entire globe
destroying homes.
Robbing Third World resources
invasions occupations,
Drone attacks
marginalizing Blacks
That kill thousands more bystanders
than actual targets,
Bombing weddings
funerals and markets.
And holy places
which they manage,
to dismiss as
collateral damage.
Fact is these soft targets
are intentionally not missed,
Because intended
to sap the people’s will to resist.
Internally the poor and people of
color marginalized,
Oppressed nationalities
A system sustained by real organized crime,
By violence and mayhem
of the worst kind.
This is why there are
scores and scores,
of political prisoners and prisoners of war.
Right here in the USA,
Whom we must struggle
to free today.
Mumia, Jamil Al-Amin
Leonard Peltier, Herman Bell,
Just a few
for political reasons
are held in cells.
David Gilbert, Robert Hayes,
Many more confined
since way back in the days.
And for those who managed to get free,
Most soon died from deadly disease.
Contracted while inside,
A roll call of some who died:
Russell Maroon Shoatz, Kathy Boudin
Marylin Buck,
Albert woodfox
it wasn’t bad luck.
They were held until
rendered frail and ill,
Deteriorated and forgotten only then
released from jail.
Their memories must be
revived their praises sung,
From the world’s largest prison system
all must be sprung.
Modern day razor wire plantations,
Continuing to consume a new generation.
Of the peoples freedom fighters,
Including this writer.
And those
that stand against the outrages
the people deplore,
Free all U.S. political prisoners and prisoners of war!


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