Reins of Freedumb

Reins of Freedumb

From Amerika’s founding fathers
To its oil barons and robbers
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Fascists and deviants
Warmongers slave drivers
Pedophiles lynchers
Native genociders
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Those who claim fame
We don’t see the same
Let’s get down to naming names
Your heroes ain’t mines.

First president
Capitol resident
Continental army commander
Massive slave owner and handler
Slave catcher employer
Indians called him “Town destroyer”
You regard him with fame
Your nation’s capitol bears his name
George Washington
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Penned your independence declaration
Targeted natives for extermination
Raped Sally Hemmings a slave child
His daughter a victim too a pedophile
You regard him too with fame
Thomas Jefferson his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

A royalist wanting to be king
Today his praises you sing
Called the masses wild beasts
Long after he’s deceased
Broadway musicals glorify
And hide his racist side
Regarding him with fame
Alexander Hamilton his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Benjamin Franklin the whole lot
Founding fathers you love a lot
Slavers mass murderers political liars
By whom Adolf Hitler was inspired
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Chased Red peoples across the map
Receiving bounties for their scalps
Men women children elders
Collected body parts like feathers
Sing their names in folklore tunes
Savages like Daniel Boone
Your heroes ain’t mines.

She was lauded when she just died
What about Iraq’s genocide
She boasted it was good what the U.S. did
Killed half a million Iraqi kids
Now she’s commemorated with fame
Madeline Albright her name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Stripped thousands of Indians of life
They called him Sharp Knife
Marched them hundreds of miles in fear
A freezing trek called the Trail of Tears
Many fell died where they lay
One of the largest enslavers of his day
Today his face still
Adorns the twenty dollar bill
Commemorated with fame
Andrew Jackson his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

His legend are lies told
His quest was really slaves and gold
Claimed he discovered an inhabited world
Enslaved and massacred boys and girls
Arawak Indians it was genocide
A people of the most peaceful kind
Celebrated today with fame
Christopher Columbus his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

He led a cause to revive
The Ku Klux Klan and to drive
A wedge between the races
Portraying Blask men as white women’s rapists
Alongside Hollywood’s first major film
The Birth of a Nation promoted by him
A president portrayed with fame
Woodrow Wilson his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Another president who hated Blacks
Until they organized to attack
The capitol with a siege
Of hundreds of thousands who wouldn’t leave
At this point he devised to use
The Civil Rights movement to confuse
Blacks into believing he cared
To prevent a political nightmare
So he paid and used MLK
To control the Washington March that day
It was all a political trick
It made Malcolm X sick
Now he’s portrayed to Blacks with fame
John F. Kennedy his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Ever since the game has been
Using the Democrats as a pretend
Party of minority Civil Rights
When the game is to keep us out of sight
Allowing racists and pigs
To pretend to represent
The interests of those they oppress
So we won’t resist and protest
Like Democratic presidents Obama and Biden
Individuals who always sided
AGAINST Black people and for police
Putting more cops on the streets
To brutalize Blacks and persist in killing
And increase our prison numbers by the millions
So now we regard them with fame
Barack Obama and Joe Biden their names
Your heroes ain’t mines.

Another racist conniver
Needed Blacks for Amerika’s survival
He didn’t care a wit about slaves
His concern was to save
The Union of Amerikan states
So he bargained to emancipate
Those enslaved in the South
Those in the North he said nothing about
Cuz they needed the Southern Blacks
To help beat the Confederates back
This was why they issued a proclamation
But the slaves fought and won their own liberation
Yet today he’s portrayed with fame
A fake liberator Abe Lincoln his name
Your heroes ain’t mines.

There’s not one figure I know
Regarded as an Amerikan hero
That really deserved
Recognition or honorable words
A society built on racism genocide
lies and savages heroized
there can be no reconciliation
with forces that built a nation
on the backs of others and aspired
to become a capitalist empire
If you could bear to face the truth
And reveal to your youth
The type of people they have been taught
To honor praise and laud
They would quickly realize
The histories they’ve been told are lies
And why your heroes ain’t mines.


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