By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Eyes of wonder
taking everything in,
Breakfast dribbling
down your chin.

Tiny fingers grasp
everything in reach,
The world your classroom
eager to teach.

That smile of yours
had me duped,
You weren’t amused
it was gas or taking a poop.

You shouldn’t hear such things
excuse my French,
But how does something so adorable
create such a stench?!

Your sleep cycles
should be a crime,
If it wasn’t me you were keeping up
I really wouldn’t mind.

You keep me vigilant
Hey cut that out!
Everything does not
go in your mouth.

You’re so durable
you defy keeping it mild,
It indeed takes a village
to raise you child.

Somehow you’ve made me
your personal chauffer,
Free rides everywhere
in a convertible stroller.

You’re human perfection
untainted by vices,
I’m at your beck and call
your cuteness is license.

If it was a crime
you’d be a convict,
There’s nothing more contagious
than your giggle fits.

Whoa whoa
no need to weep,
Why oh why
won’t you fall asleep?

But that moment
when you’re at your best,
Is when you’re curled
up at rest upon my breast.


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