Control Unit Torture

Control Unit Torture


By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

I spent over 20 years
in the hole,
Watching humans
lose their souls.

Into sheer madness
many descended,
At their own hands
many lives ended.

It’s not as though
officials don’t know,
The depths to which
the mind will go.

When the senses
are isolated,
Deprived of means
of being stimulated.

The brain suffers
physical damage,
Internalizing stimulation
attempted to manage.

Its nervous energy
being cut off,
The external world
being shut off.

The nervous system
suffers degeneration,
While struggling
to manufacture stimulation.

For what it can’t see hear
touch taste and smell,
Creating hallucinations
in a concrete hell.

It’s been deemed torture
for over a century,
Still used today
for what its meant to be.

Despite them pretending
not to know,
The damage their
conditions do.

America has
always lied,
About its abuses
it always hides.

You ask
“How could they?”
well consider first,
Amerika was built by doing
much much worse.


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