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By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Wakanda for what?
A comic book drama
To keep our eyes wide shut.

A caricature
of Black struggle against
the most heinous conditions,
Replacing our actual history
with animated fiction.

Lowndes County Freedom Organization
inspired Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale,
Then came Stan Lee and Marvel Comics
whose idea was to steal.

1966 when the Black Panther Party
was founded,
Stan Lee came out with the comic black panther
that same year as if he found it.

He ripped off our movement
presented as Black inclusion,
Then joined Disney
with its history
of political prostitution.

Remember Walt Disney’s movie
about Donald Duck,
Visits Latin America
portrayed as if the U.S. gave a fuck.

He was working for the feds
to expand Amerika’s dominion,
By trying to win favor and
influence Latin American opinion.

But Latin Americans soundly rejected
this fantasy cartoon tripe,
As based not on their own cultures
but racist stereotypes.

The same game is behind
the black panther Marvel comic franchise,
It’s the pigs trying to dilute Black culture
with images meant to disguise.

The actual Party
that proved our greatest political
achievement yet,
A group the U.S. government
called the greatest domestic threat.

No other organization
in the history of Amerika,
Met with so much government resistance
and efforts to destroy its character.

Pushing this fantasy image
of a super hero Black king,
In place of the masses as the true heroes
is a capitalist thing.

we must understand in the struggle of classes
culture is a weapon,
They will always try to replace popular culture
with their own so we’ll be kept in.

States of mind that reflect
the values of our enemy,
To make those who exploit and oppress us all
appear to be friendly.

The Panther slogan “All power to the people!”
was changed to “Wakanda forever!”,
A fictitious land with another man’s hand
aiming to cut and sever.

Out identification with the real Panthers
and their revolutionary goals,
And have us push comic
book characters onto our children as our heroes.

A fantasy that is unreal
without substance unbelievable,
To replace what we’ve actually done
so we don’t see true freedom as achievable.

Black panther is just a rendition
of that Latino Donald Duck character,
Projected to Black people
based on a racist Afrikan caricature.

But unlike Latin Americans
racism in Amerika has made Blacks desperate,
For cinematic recognition
so we’re less critical of how we’re projected.

And on top of that they’re generating billions
sucked right out of our pockets,
Enriching themselves at our expense
no other marvel movies topped it.

The people are the real vibranium
the natural resource that makes the world go round,
Wakanda for what? it’s to keep us mind fucked
in every Black city province and town

The first movie grossed so much
Disney and Marvel had to make a sequel,
We need to counter that fantasy bullshit
with our own culture that empowers the people!


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