MLK (2023)



MLK (2023)

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

From the outset
a word about MLK,
He was NOT assassinated
by James Earl Ray.

If you investigate
you will find,
The King family won a lawsuit
back in ’99.

Where they sued Lloyd Jowers
and the feds,
For the conspiracy
to shoot MLK dead.

Then manufacturing an
intricate lie,
To make James Earl Ray
the fall guy.

But the mainstream media
wouldn’t cover it,
They didn’t want the public
to know the U.S. government.

Had a major Black leader
Because he wanted to
see racism eradicated.

But there was more to
his struggle,
MLK also
stirred up trouble.

Against the U.S. role
in violence everywhere,
Of draining wealth from every pocket
without the slightest care.

It was capitalism that he found
at the root of all evil,
And Amerika was its empire
that exploited the world’s people.

When he spoke out against this
his death warrant was signed,
Because he had the power
to influence too many minds.

He refused to do what
the government told him,
Like during the Washington March
when they actually did control him.

John F. Kennedy approved
his “I have a dream” speech,
He used MLK back them
to contain a major breach.

Of control they wanted
to keep on the Black population,
Who planned to lay siege
to the capitol of this racist nation.

Hundreds of thousands of Blacks
had planned,
To converge on DC
where they all would stand.

Together to shut down
the government and economy,
And not leave until they were granted
basic equality.

That scared U.S. officials
to the core,
They couldn’t let the world see
all these Blacks at the capitol’s front door.

Demanding to be free
so they paid MLK,
To take control
on that fateful day.

To replace the seige
with a one day march,
With watered down speeches
and directions where to stop and start.

Malcolm X bore witness
to how King was used,
And denounced him in his speech
“A message tone grassroots.”

But King came around
realizing he’d been tricked,
So he denounced the civil rights movement
and the establishment.

Moved to correct
the errors he made,
Organized an encampment
of the poor in DC for ’68.

So the government murdered him
on the eve of this event,
To sellouts like Jesse’s Jackson and al sharpton
the message was clearly sent.

They’d better push the Democratic
party to Blacks and toe the line,
Or like MLK
they too would find.

Themselves isolated discredited
and neutralized,
And their legacy rewritten
with official lies.

To portray them in the
images the pigs saw fit,
To keep us swimming
in this cesspool of Amerikan shit.


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