Get Maoism!

Get Maoism!

Others exalted him
But Mao was a modest fella,
Saw himself like a monk
Wandering with a leaky umbrella.
Devoted to the people
Never grew tired,
To be a good teacher
Is all he aspired.
Rejected opportunism on the right and left,
His love of the people his only wealth.
Possibly the greatest revolutionary mind,
Of all time.
But not because of
Any strain of genius
A dialectical materialist,
Took philosophy serious
Fought the imperialists.
Grasped the essence
Of class struggle,
Encouraged the poor to make trouble.
So many mistruths
Spoken about his contributions,
To generate confusion.
Among the people
Who most need his example,
To stop their rights being trampled.
Like the lie of a great famine
Invented by the CIA,
He led a peasant army
in defeating the U.S.A.
In the Korean War
Fresh from a Civil War,
In China
He’d won the year before.
Maneuvering like playing
The board game Wei Chi,
Developing the People’s War strategy
So we’d see.
How to defeat a stronger adversary,
Limitless options which always vary.
With numbers on our side,
In plain sight we can fight and hide.
Creating a real New Democracy,
Not the capitalist hypocrisy.
That only gives you the choice of which,
You might choose to rule from among the rich.
Who will keep you living hand to mouth,
Suffering throughout
The global South.
A genuine comrade
Not merely a friend,
Taught us to dare to struggle
So we’d dare to win.
He defied the strong
Loved by the throngs,
A revolutionary giant
Mao Zedong.


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