JOMA (2023)

Jose Maria Sison

Short for Jose Maria Sison,
A Union leader
When very young.
He’d later become,
One of the the greatest revolutionary
Leaders the world has known.
Founded the revolutionary party
Of the Philippines,
And the New People’s Army
To empower the dreams.
Of a people
Under the heel of U.S.
Imperialist control,
And feudal remnants of old.
He gave the needed analysis,
Of the struggle of classes,
Exposed the fallacies
Of what previously passed as.
Revolutionary theory
Survived organizational strife,
Repeated attempts on his life.
From old parties to new,
Chronicled the history of oppression
His people went through.
Led armed struggle
Against fascist martial law,
One of the most effective leaders
The Philippines ever saw.
He brought the solution,
Maoist revolution.
Dialectics and materialist fusion,
Against landlord comprador
and U.S. collusion.
Lighting the path
To the people’s seizure of power
Like a beacon on a tower,
Comrade Joma salute
Rest In Power!


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