A Pig is a PigBLACK COP SHOWS (2023)

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

There’s a hidden contract,
In you’re black.
Looking to make a debut
Hollywood ain’t gonna take you,
Unless you let ’em
Make you.
A cop soldier or spy on the silver screen
Make a false scene,
Of the false dream
Of Amerika the squeaky clean.
Using you
To create pig porn,
As sensible as a Jew
In a Nazi uniform.
How you gonna
Play a cop
When they’re murdering your people
On the block,
At traffic stops
In clothing shops.
For five minutes of fame,
Lights around your name.
Literally selling your soul
If the truth he told,
We need to run
Your ass up a flagpole.
Since the 60s uprisings
When we fought to be liberated,
The image of cops
Had to be rehabilitated.
So now you
Wanna be
Modern day buffalo soldiers,
Who ever told ya
This was a role to.
Take pride in,
They lied and.
Fed you some flawed history,
It’s no mystery.
Buffalo soldiers was used to
Kill injuns
For whites,
The same way
We fight.
For the U.S.A.
Killing people of color
Way over in another land,
Controlled by another’s hand.
But we live in fear,
Of cops right here.
Give your child “the speech”,
Cuz you want to teach.
Them how not to be killed
By a cop,
If ever stopped.
So you know
You’re portraying a lie,
The question is why.
You let yourself be used,
To spread false views.
They ain’t heroes,
So why you portraying
Them like it’s so.
Betraying what you know,
For a leading role
In a cop show.


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