ME ME ME (2022)

Everytime you open your mouth

It’s “me” “my” and “I”

“I do everything and better than everyone”

That’s a lie

“If it wasn’t for ME”

Who gives a fuck!

“Look, I figured it out first”

Beginner’s luck

‘Me against the world’s

Tupac’s line

“ME at the center of the world”

Your frame of mind

“I’m smart they’re dummies”

Here we go

What’s today’s principal contradiction

“Umm, I don’t know”

Like a spoiled assed child

You whine and nag

With every small achievement

You gotta brag

No matter how much attention

You receive

It’s never the support

That you need

You think you’ve got

It all figured out

But the wrong things

Always fall out your mouth

Who the hell would want

To share your home

You’re miserable needy

No wonder you’re alone

You feel entitled

To poke your nose everywhere

How others feel about it

You don’t care

Your grievous wrongs

Others should just forget

But for honest errors

You’ve reduced many names to shit

Smug self-centered

An understatement

More like narcissistic

One can’t overstate it

An introvert

Says it all

Others really don’t matter

In your world at all

Except those that cater

To your whims

Sorry, but I can’t be

One of them

You almost had me

My empathy runs deep

You tug on heartstrings

Even made me weep

You manipulate

Play on other’s senses of guilt

Cause the strongest

Affections to wither and wilt

Your own ordeals

You prioritize

The next person’s losses

Trivial in your eyes

No one’s suffering compares

To what you’ve endured

And you’re the only one

Whose heart is pure

Everyone else

Has some sinister design

You’re the most righteous of all

In your own mind

If it wasn’t for you

The sun wouldnt rise


Believing grandiose lies

About your own greatness

Who can compare?

“I look so…”

I won’t even go there

You insult others at will

They shouldn’t be fazed

But you become demoralized

The moment you’re not praised

Which brings me

To another quirk

Seeking praise motivates

Your social work

When you don’t get it

You threaten to quit

Or get on some passive aggressive shit

Identity politics

Me my and I

It’s your class conditioning

That typifies

Your individualistic thinking

How you’ve evolved

Everything’s a competition

When you’re involved

Working class unity

You just don’t get

At the helm of things

Where you must sit

Sure you’ve done much good

But that’s not the point

Of me writing THIS

particular joint

Nor is the purpose

To injure feelings

But show why and how

You could use some healing

So maybe along the way

You will find

Courage to cure your

Bourgeois state of mind

It’s the opposite of that

Me-centered world where you hide

Join the people

And it class suicide!


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