Wars for Wall Street by Rashid

Zionists and Nazis

The exact same plan,

Erase a people deny their history

Take their land.

To displace

Brown faces

Replace their space

The aim…

Palestine erased.

A land without

A people?

They said the same about

The Indians

A lie the blind could see through.

Spread across

The terrain

Whites wanted to occupy,

Tens of millions

Whose existence

They try to deny.

Racism without

Genocide of Palestine,

Racism within

Modern day Apartheid.

Afrikans Arabs Sephardim

Made to carry passes,

Poor brown rich white

Racism division of classes.

Checkpoints border walls

Segregated spaces,

To benefit

Privileged white

Ashkenazi faces.

After the second World War

The Jews were fond of,

Settling in Afrika

A space in Uganda.

Only later did Britain

Change the plan,

Jews would share

Palestinian land.

But the Zionists

Had a different scheme in mind,

To take ALL Arab land

Even Palestine.

So they invaded with arms

But they don’t tell,

At the point of a gun

Hundreds of thousands expelled.

It was a bloodbath

This is why,

Israel was invaded by Arab countries

But they lie.

Schools bombed

funerals weddings tenements,

Babies heads exploded

Armed embattlements.

On Israel’s borders

The people scattered,

A displaced nation

Economy shattered.

Open air prison

Trampled olive groves,

Illegal settlements still erected

On communities bulldozed.

Self defense

Labeled “terrorist”

Racist lies,

Another version of “Niggers with guns”

And why?

Cuz a mystical story

Said a tiny tribe,

Was ordained to inherit land

But somebody lied.


Semites ain’t white

But Brown Palestinians are,

So who are the real antisemitics?

You know who you are.

They were oppressed by Nazis

Have now become the oppressors,

Since the Nakba

Israel has been the aggressor.

The U.S. has no beef

With Israel’s creation

Cuz it repeats

What they did to the Indian nations.

Bankrolled by Amerika

A rabid beast,

To secure U.S. exploitation

In the Middle East.

Erasing a nation

Free Palestine!

Border walls

Like the U.S. South

Genocide the crime.

The horror the terror

Just don’t stop,

Israel now trains

U.S. cops.

They use the Holocaust

To avoid critique,

While the very same crimes

They repeat.

Israel Israel

From victims to villains

Israel Israel

From being killed to killing.

Zionists and Nazis

The exact same plan,

Erase a people deny their history

Take their land.


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