Collective Struggle

Revolution won’t happen in

Virtual space

The oppressed communities,

Where it must take place.

For all the

Social media clout chasers

GoFundMe grifters

Mass line fakers

Political shape shifters


Posturing pixies

In costumes

From the 60s.

The people’s struggle

Won’t be made with your mouth,

Where the people live

Is where shit plays out.

You can’t impose

Things you chose

As their program

They’ll go ham

And oppose

You your costume parade

And donated lemons

Your fifty shades of fakin’

Trying to impress the women.

The revolution will not be digitized.

Virtual reality

Is where you live

While the people give

Their totality

In poverty

Rats and roaches

Unpaid rent

Hungry mouths and

Backs bent


Under troubled struggles

To feed the young

Masses of everyday heroes unsung

How the hell you gonna lead hiding behind

Computer screens

You clearly don’t get what

“Mass line” means

The revolution will not be digitized.

No matter how

High tech the world gets

Society exists in

Flesh and blood

In the barrios shanties and ‘hoods

In work places

Concrete and steel

Where the flesh feels

It’s out there

In outside air

Where the real contest between

The haves and have nots

Will take place

Serving and defending the people

In occupied space

Arms and ammo

Not fake army cammo

Or photo ops

Selfies and photoshops

Toy AKs with corks in the tops

Lives will be lost

Paying the ultimate cost

To liberate

Urban centers

Where military forces

Will enter

Doing shit you only read about

From other places

In digital spaces

But get serious about liberation

And shit will

Get real

Real fast

With bombs and bullets

That shatter bones and steel

You’ll see and feel

The revolution will not be digitized.

This is why asses from the middle classes

Do a lot of talking

But no walking

In the concrete jungles

Or prison yards

Where shit is hard

And the real

Suffering is at

Where knives and gats

Are the common medium of exchange

Where loud mouths

And bluffs get tested

And only the truly committed

Are heard and respected

A world contained

By walls and fences

Where the masses

Are the only real defense

So hiding from them

Makes no sense

The revolution will not be digitized.


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