Wars for Wall Street by RashidAs millions of Afghanis sit starving under punitive US sanctions in the wake of a 20 year military invasion and occupation by Amerika that shattered their country, the US media and political mouthpieces are denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an “unjust war.”

In the days leading up to the invasion of Ukraine, US president Joe Biden protested to the world that Putin was looking to create a pretext to invade Ukraine, even preparing a false flag event. Of course US officials know a lot about inventing pretexts for foreign military invasions, they did it to justify invading Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003. Amerika’s false flag event was none other than the events of 9/11; see my prior article, “Was 9/11 An Inside Job?”(1)

For 20 years, Amerika committed every conceivable war crime and atrocity against the civilian populations in Iraq and Afghanistan, all in the interests of accessing and controlling Middle East fossil fuel reserves. But not a word of protest or criticism was heard in the media about Amerika’s aims or actions in these decades-long invasions and occupations that propped up puppet US governments that collapsed only moments after the US invaders withdrew. This was imperialism of the most blatant sort. Just like the long-standing unconditional US military, political, and economic support for the fascist Zionist occupation, land theft, and depopulation of Palestine by Israel.

But now that such an invasion has been staged by Russia (a US rival) against Ukraine (a country of people with white complexions), the media and political podiums are alive with protestations that the deed is evil and Russia is evil’s incarnate. Just as it was deemed a “Holocaust” when white-skinned Jewish people were targeted by the German Nazis who have gone down in infamy, but when AmerIndians were subjected to the exact same policies of genocide (exterminating tens of millions), land theft and continental expansion by Amerika, it is hailed as a great achievement of Western civilization.

Of course the Russian invasion is an unjust incursion against the people of Ukraine, but it is also a struggle internal to US global imperial dominance, where Russia who aspires to upstage US global hegemony, is angling to prevent Amerika’s continued efforts to set up an outpost on Russia’s borders through the US puppet Ukrainian government signing onto its NATO alliance.

This is just the sort of internal rivalry against US global dominance that we have analyzed for some time under our theory of Revolutionary Intercommunalism which forms the principal contradiction in the world today.(2)

Amerika is struggling to maintain its world dominance, creating chaos and anarchy and the danger of nuclear war in its effort to do so.

We stand with the people of Ukraine in their just struggle against Russia’s invasion and also against US dominance whose imperialist agenda in Ukraine is even more sinister than Russia’s.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!
1. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, “Was 9/11 An Inside Job? (A Reply to Mike Novick of TURNING THE TIDE newspaper)” (2020),
2. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, “What is Revolutionary Intercommunalism and Why We Endorse it” (2021),


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