RASHID: It is being represented as written by the Central Committee of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP). It was actually ghostwritten by a white guy Thomas Watts or Tom.
With that article Tom has resurfaced, pretending once again to speak as if he is a Black person/political group. Here he is trying to spin the narrative about Keith “Malik” Washington’s recruitment into the NABPP, which was solely Tom’s doing, and our purging Tom and Shaka (who now goes by Zulu Sharod) when we reconstituted as the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party (RIBPP) in Dec 2020.

In my article “The Great White Hope or Great White Hoax” (1), I exposed Tom as a conniving white man and spin artist with a messianic complex and long history of insinuating himself into and taking over the organizations and movements of people of color, then flattering himself with self-praise as some charitable soul who abandoned his racial and class birthrights to become a savior of the ‘lesser people.’ It was primarily a struggle against Tom’s manipulative control of the NABPP that led to the split.

I also refuted another article he ghost wrote in Feb 2020 which was portrayed as written by the Politburo of the NABPP, where he attempted to spin the split as a power struggle between me and Shaka to hide his own manipulative role in the NABPP as the principal basis of the split.(2)

After I had those two articles posted on social media and shared to his previous Facebook page, which he operated under a staged AmerIndian identity of Xing Eela, he deactivated that page without a word and disappeared from social media.

Months later (on June 1) he attempted to recover from those exposures by having his Black front man Shaka go on social media with a rambling speech spewing all manner of easily disproven fabrications reading from a bullet list created by Tom. It was a minstrel performance with Shaka serving as Tom in blackface. In turn, I conducted several open interviews with various people who knew and worked with both Shaka and me for years, including prior CC members of the NABPP and past San Francisco Bay View (BV) editor Mary Ratcliff. Without any coaxing from me, they demonstrated his speech to be nothing but lies.(3)

But before I could answer that minstrelsy myself point-by-point I was transferred to the Ohio prison system, denied all my property, and faced severe pig repression.


RASHID: There are only three people calling themselves the NABPP-they being Tom, Shaka and now Kwame “Snitch Jacket” Shakur aka Dayon Miller (not to be confused with the genuine Kwame Shakur aka Lil’ Beans who is presently imprisoned in Indiana, and whose name Snitch Jacket ripped off while he was also imprisoned in Indiana clout chasing). Tom is the only writer among the three.

He has spent decades pretending to be other people, attempting to wear others’ skins, foisting himself on others’ cultures and liberation movements. I’ve known him since ’04, and throughout that time he ghost wrote countless articles in others’ names and in the names of leading bodies of the NABPP. He ghost wrote most everything that had Shaka’s name on it.

Not only did I forbid him to ghostwrite for me, but he also credited me as writing and grasping revolutionary theory well enough not to ‘need’ him to. Shaka fabricated in his June 1 statement that Tom wrote all my political articles and both of my books. He said this because Tom has always written for him, and they want to claim credit for and use the Panther line, strategy and organizational structure I was instrumental in developing. They know Tom’s role isn’t okay. It’s why he’s always hidden behind other national and racial identities and writes pretending to be Black and Brown people.

In statements from various publishers and editors (including from my books’ publisher Kersplebedeb) responding to Shaka’s June 1 statement, they slammed his lie about Tom ghostwriting my articles and books, since a number of them transcribed my handwritten articles when I sent them out of prison over the years, including those in my books.(4)

I also have many letters from Tom who also helped with some of my transcriptions where he remarks that my writings never needed much if any editing, asking me to write larger because transcribing them was hard on his bad vision, and identifying many of my articles by title that he was transcribing including several that are in my books. He also remarked many times that it was my art and articles that drew most of the readers of our newsletters.

Like most lackeys of white supremacy, however, Shaka believes for anything to be successful it has to be produced by a white hand; which is why he is only too happy to keep Tom’s hand up his own ass.
Then there’s Tom’s schizophrenic tendency when ghostwriting to jump from talking as if he is actually the person he’s ghostwriting for, to speaking as himself, then writing about the person he’s writing for in the third person. All of this is present in “The Snake Rears its Head.”

It begins as if it’s Shaka talking in the first person about a ’19 prison conference that I participated in as part of a call-in prisoner panel and Shaka attended in Florida where he met Karen Smith, with whom I’d worked for years. Then further down it talks about mail received from prisoners related to the NABPP in ’09. Tom was the only outside person who corresponded with prisoners related to the NABPP. Everyone else including Shaka was in prison and COULDN’T write other prisoners; so it’s clearly not Shaka talking.
Then further on it talks about Shaka in the third person where it falsely claims that I was consulted in promoting Keith to a leading position under “our national chair” (Shaka was the ‘national chair,’ so again this obviously isn’t Shaka talking). It’s Tom with his multiple “assumed” personality disorder, passing from pretending to be other people to speaking as himself then back again. He literally tries to assume others’ personalities and thought processes, just as he tries to take on and take over others’ cultures and movements.

People familiar with Tom’s writings can tell when it’s him; several RIBPP Comrades recognized as soon as they began reading the article that it was Tom. Just read some of his articles on his new Facebook page then compare them to this one. You can tell it’s him. Just like the recent article falsely attributed to Shaka that was posted on Shaka’s pages on Dec 14 titled, “Capitalism Promotes Alienation.” Tom wrote that. Shaka doesn’t grasp Marxist theory at that level and simply CAN’T write like that.

EVERYTHING involving Tom is swimming in deception and racist paternalism. He wants nothing more than to be glorified as some great savior, teacher or father figure of people of color.


RASHID: In his article Tom claims I was. Like all of his lies it is easily disproven.

I’ll begin with a quote from a letter he wrote me in ’06, which shows how he independently initiated an enrollment campaign that opened the door for every manner of pig agent and reactionary to join the NABPP, (which I opposed), and the power he wielded over the NABPP (he was certainly not a mere “elder advisor,” a term he uses to downplay his control over what is supposed to be a Black organization). In ’06 he independently put out a call for 1000 random prisoners to join the NABPP using the execution of Hasan Shakur our Minister of Human Rights as the rallying cause. Here’s Tom:

“I’ve put out a call for a Hasan Shakur Enrollment of 1000 Black Panthers to take his place.

“I printed up fliers and a 24 page booklet with the organizational stuff from RIGHT ON! #1 and stuff on and by Hasan to send to those who send in applications. I’ll get ID cards made up numbering 0001 to 1000 with Hasan’s picture on them….

“We should be able to recruit 1000 members in a year or so.”

Now remember, in “The Snake Rears its Head,” he admits we all knew when the NABPP was founded that the pigs would maneuver to infiltrate us. Knowing this, why would he throw the doors open to allow pig agents to walk right in? This is but one of a multitude of examples of his incompetent leadership and overriding desire for followers and flunkies without regard for who he brought in.

At the very time he initiated this enrollment campaign I wrote an article opposing open enrollments into revolutionary parties, criticizing it as one of the original Black Panther Party’s (BPP) critical errors that we must not repeat in the NABPP. Here’s what I wrote in my ’06 article, “On the Roles and characteristics of the Panther Vanguard Party and Mass Organizations”:

“Membership in the BPP was generally open to all members of the Black communities. All one had to do was walk into a Party office and sign up. This allowed raw elements to join who were not trained and prepared to lead a revolutionary movement, and offered no protection against infiltration by disruptive elements and enemy agents who would undermine the Party’s ability to operate at a high level of ideological, political and practical unity.”(5)

But now Tom wants to deflect his responsibility for a pig agent joining the NABPP. The fact is, the “rock star informant” didn’t infiltrate the NABPP. He didn’t have to. Thomas Watts invited him in.

Tom’s lie that I was consulted in Keith’s NABPP recruitment is really exposed by the easily proven fact that I wasn’t in communication with Tom in ’09 when he says Keith joined the NABPP and was appointed as deputy chair under Shaka (a decision Shaka as national chair would have weighed in on not me).
EVERYONE who worked with me knows ’09 is the year that I was held incommunicado by the pigs. It’s the year the “Fusion Center” of the Virginia State Police wrote a huge report that profiled me as a “domestic terrorist threat” because of my articles exposing prison abuses which it said proved effective at turning the public against law enforcement, and my aspiring to revive the work of the BPP. (6) It was that scrutiny and labeling that prompted my isolation that year.

Also if one looks at my books and website where my articles are posted (most are dated by year), it can be seen that almost nothing by me was published in ’09. Which again shows Tom never ghost wrote for me even when I couldn’t get articles out.

As discussed in a recent article, “On the Exposure of Keith ‘Malik’ Washington as a ‘Rock Star Informant’,”(7) I never knew about nor had contact with Keith until 2013 when I was interstate transferred to the Texas prison system where he was also confined.

Tom is now trying to hide his responsibilty for recruiting and promoting Keith because it confirms his control and incompetence that I struggled against in the NABPP that became a key reason for our split, which I exposed in my articles on the split. Everything I’ve written about them and their tendencies that led to the split they are confirming.

Which brings me to further proof of Shaka’s inclination to lie to shield Tom. In his June 1 statement Shaka assured his audience that Tom was not in the NABPP, not on its CC, never had a controlling role over the NABPP, and that Shaka wasn’t his Black front man.

Well, here we have “The Snake Rears its Head,” where Tom is ghostwriting as the NABPP’s CC and speaking as if he is Shaka, and here Tom is quoted initiating on his own authority a campaign that opened the door for anyone including pig agents to join the NABPP.

These people couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.


RASHID: Keith had nothing to do with the decision to print my article on the split in the Feb ’21 BV as Tom falsely claims. Here is an example of how Tom and co. invent lies to serve their agendas and slander, since they never spoke to BV staff to find out who had the article printed. A claim he then uses to create a bigger lie that the FBI was using Keith as BV editor to endorse the RIBPP and censor the NABPP.

It was actually Mary Ratcliff, the former chief editor of BV, who made the call.

Furthermore in his June 1 social media statement Shaka admits the NABPP actually HAD NO REPLY TO OUR ACCOUNT OF THE SPLIT, and only manufactured that statement 6 months after the split because people kept asking him why there had been no response made by them. So how could the BV refuse to print a response they admit they never had? But now they’re claiming there was an FBI plot led by Keith to box them out of airing their response in the BV. These are the deceitful games and posers as victims of pig intrigue that Tom and Shaka specialize in that drove everyone in the NABPP to purge them.

Furthermore, Keith actually didn’t want the BV to take a public stance on the split, not knowing how it would play out. Again it was Mary who made the call to print our articles. Ask her yourself.

What she can also attest to in having worked with prisoners for decades, is she long witnessed and frowned on Tom’s manipulating and controlling the organizations and movements of people of color, and wanted for years to bring her misgivings about Tom to me but didn’t out of respect for my work. Also she doesn’t like his writings and never used them in the BV (although she’s seen them for years), because she recognizes and opposes his maneuvers.

She has also long seen through Shaka, whom she has experienced as being rude and manipulative; and completely absent from involvement in any of the prison-related movements during the many years he was in prison, from the struggles against solitary confinement, to abolishing prison slavery, granting prisoners voting rights, amending the 13th Amendment, to the various prison hunger and work strikes, or anything else. But now as is typical of Shaka he wants to be the face of work he did nothing to build. And there was no “plan” that Shaka would lay low while his appeals were pending as Tom fabricates. Shaka simply had no interest or involvement in anything that involved standing up with or for anyone but himself.
I actually also encouraged the BV to print any response they had to our writings on the split. EVERYONE who knows me knows I invite public debate and polemics, since as a Maoist I recognize that correct ideas develop in struggle and contradiction with incorrect ones. And as anyone can see, these posers are the most fantastic AND POOREST of liars. In fact it was Tom who erased his earlier spin article about the split and ran off Facebook when I responded to it, which I’ve had reposted now so all readers can see both sides.(8)


RASHID: Not at all. That’s actually laughable to anyone in the know. It’s yet another of Tom’s outright fabrications claiming that I was jealous of Shaka’s leadership and his becoming the face of the NABPP. Again I can easily prove this.
Not only was Shaka not doing very well as a national leader of the NABPP, but he was repeatedly denounced and disciplined by the Central Committee, until most of its members left the Party OUT OF DISGUST WITH HIM.

How was he the face of the NABPP might I ask when in Jan 2020 he was KICKED OFF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE (which is the national leadership body) AND DEMOTED TO A LOCAL LEADERSHIP POSITION IN NEWARK? This was his second time being suspended from the CC, but this time he was never reinstated back to the CC.

He was kicked off the CC and removed as national Chair of the NABPP by unanimous decision because, after being reinstated on a probationary status, he tried to create a personality cult around himself in Newark where he lived and threatened to split the NABPP when the CC discovered what he was doing and tried to counter it; he repeatedly refused to attend mandatory CC meetings; refused to report to the CC or communicate with CC members or obey CC directions; he would not perform the basic duties of Party Chair but wanted to take credit for all the work others did to advance the Party; he repeatedly refused to account for Party funds he routed to himself and defied CC attempts to create an oversight committee to keep track of NABPP funds; he only wanted to be a social media celebrity; and he was jealous of my influence (and expressed as much) and kept trying to undermine me; in that instance he had his social media followers get my Facebook page deactivated by telling them to report the page to Facebook [!!??], which he knew was my Party-authorized page, as a bogus page. Not only did I write an article about it to explain to followers of my page what happened, (9) but Tom wrote an article on Jan 22, 2020 criticizing Shaka and his disappointing performance as Chair and endorsing his permanent CC suspension, titled “Dizzy With Success, Intoxicated With Self-Glorification,” which read in relevant part:

“It is not my intent to vilify Comrade Shaka but to seek a method of correction. This latest bit of business with his attempting to sabotage Comrade Rashid’s Facebook is intolerable, but most serious is the burning jealousy he evidently feels and is giving vent to. We have already placed him on suspension from the Central Committee for his individualist acts and violations of [democratic centralism]. He was allowed back on probationary status, after making a self-criticism. Since then he has continued to undermine and sabotage the work of the CC at every turn employing passive aggressive tactics, plotting and factionalism.

“I believe we have no choice but to renew his suspension and reduce him in rank to a Branch Chairman for Newark, NJ. In this way we can continue with the good work he is doing while the CC seeks to find another Comrade to be its spokesperson pending the founding Congress of the Party.

“Shaka is a good man who is loath to accept criticism, who only craves praise and flattery not only from others but himself as well. He is more comfortable with new Comrades than with old, because his old Comrades know him better. It is easier to change company than yourself, and paint yourself larger than life….

“…Comrade Shaka does not credit the line for our advances but claims the glory as his alone for the successes we have had.

“The responsibility of the CC is to keep the Party properly oriented and guard its integrity by application of its ideological-political line. The job of the Chairperson is to be the voice of the CC and its collective leadership. Comrade Shaka proposes an inverse relationship, which is essentially commandist. This cannot be allowed….

“Higher position means greater responsibility to set a proper example, not license for self-indulgence. Shaka has a responsibility to set a much better example than he has, and we must demand it of him.

“If Shaka persists with his plotting to split the Party, then it is better we endure it now than later…. It is the ideological-political line of the Party not the fate of individuals seeking recognition and position that is important and upon which our success or failure depends.”(10)

That Jan 2020 article by Tom contradicts everything he’s written now in, “The Snake Raises its Head.” Especially the claims that I was jealous of Shaka, and was supposedly trying to undermine him. These were actually the CC’s unanimous findings against Shaka as pertained to me, that got him expelled from the national leadership. It was the entire CC that didn’t want him as the face of the NABPP.

This is why Tom is a vile white snake and demonstrates everything I exposed about him in “The Great White Hope or Great White Hoax.” He will lie, embellish, slander, backstab, spin and rewrite history to serve his agenda; and he’s a puppet master and pure Machiavellian.

Here’s what made him switch horses on Shaka, which sparked the struggle between Tom and me and led to the split.

After the CC expelled him Shaka threw a tantrum and threatened to take the circle of people he had around him in Newark and split the NABPP. Tom panicked. Tom had told me many times that Shaka was politically immature, and not a good leader nor a principled person, but he was the ONLY person we had outside prison representing the NABPP and who had brought together a small group of people as Party followers on the street. Tom persisted, we needed Shaka to keep the outside Party alive, and until we found someone better we had to settle for him.

Tom never had an outside following or support base. He wasn’t willing to lose the small group Shaka had in NJ where he lived, so he placated Shaka and backed off. Shaka’s suspension wasn’t made public as Tom originally supported doing, and he allowed Shaka to continue to defy the CC and Party discipline and do as he pleased, and repeatedly came to his defense whenever others tried to hold him accountable. It was pure opportunism.

In latter 2019 I’d told Tom that I would leave the NABPP and start over if Shaka continued to misrepresent and pervert the work I’d devoted so much time and energy to developing (Shaka stayed involved in one scandal after another, from sexual harrassment of female Comrades [which was why he was suspended from the CC the first time], to stealing Party money, to lying to those around him telling them he ran the Party and CC members didn’t want to communicate with them, etc.).Tom agreed with my stance and said if I left he’d go with me. He switched positions when Shaka had his meltdown and threatened to jump ship and take the outside mass organization membership with him. The entire CC ended up quitting the NABPP.

To increase his leverage, Shaka began recruiting new people whom he felt would be loyal to him, like Snitch Jacket who proved to be an organization-hopper that employed the COINTELPRO tactic of snitch jacketing multitudes of people in the movement everywhere he went, among other vile practices.(11)
Shaka somehow made Snitch Jacket deputy Chair for Indiana under himself. Since Shaka was no longer national Chair he had no authority to recruit anyone into a leading position as a Deputy Chair, but it was ‘allowed.’

By bringing in new people loyal to himself, Shaka made himself even more indispensable in Tom’s eyes. My struggle became with Tom, his paternalistic control over the NABPP, and his pure opportunism, liberalism and fear to confront Shaka’s devious moves. I actually called for a rectification campaign against Tom’s tendencies.

Tom in turn became livid and tried to deflect my criticisms by suddenly inventing attacks on me which I easily refuted and discuss in “Shattering the Looking Glass.” These were the contradictions that grew to the point that I resigned from the NABPP’s CC and Politburo and finally joined the entire outside Party in breaking with Tom and Shaka.

This is but a small taste of the foul goings-on that plagued the NABPP that I struggled against. This is why in his June 1 statement Shaka repeatedly emphasized they don’t want to expose the inner workings of the NABPP to the public. Problem is, I don’t spout revolutionary rhetoric like them. My commitment is genuinely to the people, and everytime they tell lies I will counter them with the truth. No person of integrity will stay in circles with them.

Tom was truthful about Shaka in “Dizzy with Success,” especially that he survives politically by surrounding himself with new people who don’t know him. They both also try to bolster their standing by trying to curry favor, affiliate with, and name drop others and groups with movement credentials. They’re both political opportunists.

I should add, as the ’09 Fusion Center report expressed concern with, I’ve long had a broad public support base, which Tom and Shaka had nothing to do with, on account of my independent work around publicizing prison abuses. So obviously I never needed nor looked to either of them for a platform nor to become the face of anything.

Actually it was the support network developed through my work that Shaka tapped to find supporters when he got out of prison-the warm reception he received as a NABPP member at the ’19 prison conference in Florida that so baffled him was on account of my years of work with these people. So there was no “plan” that I was to be any public face of the Party as Tom falsely claims, it was work I was involved with independent of the NABPP that brought public attention to the Party. In fact Tom frequently admitted that no one followed him on social media except people in other countries, and that he’s almost universally disliked by everyone on the Left who knows about him, which in his mind he attributes to his being more politically developed than everyone else.


RASHID: Once again this is a fabrication, newly invented by Tom to spin a narrative around the revelations about Keith being an informant to rehabilitate their foul image and distort the facts concerning why everyone in the NABPP purged Tom and Shaka. Just as Tom invented claims that Keith was the one who printed RIBPP articles on the split in the BV (which he had nothing to do with), and used that lie to concoct a story that the FBI was using Keith as BV editor in a plot to endorse RIBPP and undermine NABPP.

If you go back to Tom’s earlier article, “Through the Looking Glass,” which he erased off social media and disappeared when I responded exposing his attempts to publicly pit me and Shaka against against other to divert attention away from himself as a manipulator and the main object of the split, he claimed the split was really just a power struggle between Shaka and me. (12) Now suddenly, with the exposure of Keith as an informant, it was about some investigation into the NABPP being infiltrated.

Tom can’t keep his lies straight.


RASHID: Again these are false claims invented by Tom out of thin air. As I point out in a recent article on Keith’s exposure, I never developed any regular communication lines with him. (13) We communicated only rarely both while he was in and out of prison.

Remember Keith was Tom’s recruit and as Tom admits, he was appointed as Keith’s mentor. He had more contact with Keith than I ever did, and if anyone had a motive to undermine other groups on the Left it was Tom, who is disliked by many and dislikes them in turn. I on the other hand have always worked to build unity and develop alliances with others, which the pigs recognize and earned me a “domestic terrorist threat” profile, and also earned Shaka a warm reception at the ’19 prison conference from IWOC folks among many others.

Tom is trying here to incite suspicion and division using a bland assertion with zero supporting facts, simply because he knows IWOC Comrades have had unity with my work. THIS IS A TEXTBOOK COINTELPRO TACTIC. Tom and Shaka have no scruples whatsoever.

It is true that as an NABPP member Keith joined with the entire outside membership in purging Tom and Shaka and reconstituting as the RIBPP in Dec 2020. He had no part nor input in the struggles that led to the ‘split.’ He merely sat silently in on the meeting where the vote was taken by a number of prior NABPP members and others to purge them and reconstitute. He didn’t attend any more of our meetings and didn’t remain with the RIBPP for long afterwards. Once he got out of prison in Sept 2020, Keith became less and less interested in political work as BV folks can attest.

As I demonstrate, whatever I say about Tom and Co I can immediately prove with credible witnesses, (many times people they name drop as their own supporters), easily accessible documentary proof, and their own written statements. I challenge Tom ‘The Great White Hoax’ Watts, Shaka, and Snitch Jacket to do likewise; to put their vague self-serving accusations to the test of producing facts to support them.

They can’t.


RASHID: This is true and the timing raises a lot of red flags.

What is clear is they began staging a comeback at just the time when the RIBPP came under concentrated pig attack: I was transferred to the Ohio prison system’s notorious Lucasville prison where I was met with extreme pig repression, frustrated communication lines, and denial of all my personal property for months; our Minister of Labor Comrade Pitt was thrown in the hole at Virginia’s notorious Red Onion State Prison for no valid reason and subjected to constant pig harassment; our national spokesperson for the White Panthers Comrade Shine White was jumped and beaten by a mob of pigs, thrown in the hole, had all his political and historical materials confiscated, and was threatened with being interstate transferred. Also, during this time our General Secretary came down with Covid, an immediate relative of our Chair was abducted, Shaka confronted RIBPP members in NJ and violently threatened to shut down our work and programs in Newark, and much else.

By contrast, Tom, Shaka and Snitch Jacket have never met with pig resistance to their activities. In fact, whenever Shaka received attention from the pigs (which the CC found in 2020 that he actually craves—such as in early 2021 when he posted a video on social media of him allowing pig investigators to walk right into his home to the widespread criticism of movement veterans), he always said the pigs ended in asking questions about others.

Tom has always been an open information highway for the pigs, literally living online feeding his dinosaur of a computer all the information any pig surveillance and algorithm system could want about all political work and people he and his cohorts are involved with. Information, not arresting or prosecuting folks is the lifeblood of pig counterintelligence agencies. They don’t need informants in the NABPP, they have the incompetent Great White Hoax.

It is telling that Tom, Shaka and Snitch Jacket have NEVER been targeted by the pigs related to NABPP activities, while I have been met with a constant unprecedented level of repression aimed at frustrating my political work and attempts to take my life!

It would seem the very picture Tom tried to paint of the RIBPP actually applies to them. Namely, the pigs have given them a free hand to go about their merry way while repressing the RIBPP. They’ve also been courting and receiving financial endorsements from establishment politicians and candidates.

As Comrade George pointed out, power reacts to all threats, the reaction is always repression; the greater the threat the greater the repression. Tom, Shaka and Snitch Jacket have definitely NEVER been seen as presenting any threat to the status quo.

In fact Tom goes so far as to quote Huey P. Newton on revolutionaries being doomed and living every moment in the enemy’s cross hairs. By this standard these three amigos definitely ain’t revolutionaries.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!



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