Militarized Virginia Prison Guards Believe Amerika Was Fighting Space Aliens In Afghanistan (2023) By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

I had an experience that illustrated for me just how psychotic these right-wing military types are. The ones who work in rural prisons and police forces in particular. The fearful thing about all this is that these nuts are armed by the state and use violence against the people—especially people of color.

I was being transported by this group of three guards, who were dressed out in green military fatigues, from prisons in Indiana to Ohio during the summer of 2021. The Virginia Department of Corrections (sic!) [VADOC] had sent them to get me. They bring some special unit of pigs organized by VA prison officials for special tactical operations—just to make it sound “military.”

They carried AR-15s fitted out with military scopes and wore military flak jackets covered in ammunition packets. They all had buzz cuts including their leader named Freeman who had to be in his sixties and was no taller than about 5’5—and wore their pants tucked into their boots like Nazi stormtroopers. Lest I forget they were all white and regularly employed at VA’s remote and notoriously racist and abusive Red Onion and Wallens Ridge State Prisons. I’m black, of course.

Now that you have a mental picture of this group, let’s get on to my experience with them.

After I was loaded into the back of their transport vehicle, these cretins set a cell phone on the center console, connected it to the SUVs’s bluetooth and proceeded to blare the most psychotic selection of ultra right-wing propaganda through the speakers I have ever heard. And the thing is, they were into it like it was air they were breathing.

First came the mild shit, an hour or so of Rush Limbaugh ranting about Critical Race Theory dividing Amerika and how white men are an oppressed minority suffering discrimination because of affirmative action. A slew of typical modern day Southern Strategy race baiting politics oriented to the alienated psyches of rural white males.

Then came the madness. For the rest of the ride these nuts blared podcasts about U.S. Special Operations units fighting aliens in the deserts of Afghanistan. Not the aliens that sneak across borders on foot, mind you. But the kind that invade planets in space ships. And no, they weren’t listening to this shit as entertainment, they were actually believing this was real reporting on what the U.S. military was engaged in in Afghanistan during the occupation there. It kinda made sense since there was an actual military for the self-proclaimed “world’s baddest fighting forces” to fight in that poor shattered country. And of course it does nothing for public and U.S. military morale to admit they were actually over there massacring women and kids and getting their asses handed to them by civilians trying to expel foreign occupiers (the U.S. being the real invading aliens being fought).

So there be no mistake that these militaristic nutcases who were transporting me really believed what they were listening to, they frequently commented and cheered during the program stating how dangerous conditions were for the special ops forces against the aliens, and how they would have engaged them and their high tech weapons if they were there fighting. They even threw in a few lies about having friends and relatives over there fighting and sending back whispered reports confirming their involvement in their super secret missions against alien invaders. It kinda reminded me how poor whites during antebellum times believed blacks grew tails after sundown.

I sat in the holding section of the vehicle listening and looking at these nuts in disbelief. No one could have convinced me that there were people this culturally bent actually running around with assault rifles in government uniforms. And I was in their custody! I mean you hear about rural whites and their cultural disconnect from things, but one tends to reject that as a negative stereotype. This shit was live and in my face! It was like a scene ripped from a Jeff Foxworthy “redneck” joke.

This was the same special unit of pigs that came to transfer me from Sussex I State Prison to Red Onion State Prison on October 30, 2023, that gassed the shit out of me as I stood locked inside of a cell, because I asked to them to honor a medical order I had for extra large cuffs. Maybe I looked like one of those aliens they were so eager to fight over in Afghanistan back then. Or maybe they thought they saw me with a tail. In any case, I guess space aliens and black folks have at least one thing in common when it comes to interacting with Amerikan pigs—-we have no rights that they are bound to respect.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!


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