Rashid Has Been Transferred to Red Onion

defendrashidDear friends,

Information received Nov. 7, 2023 from Rashid:

  • He was gassed in his solitary cell at Sussex 1
  • He was shackled in handcuffs that were much too tight and painful. Guards ignored that he has medical orders for larger size cuffs.
  • He was driven as much as 6 hours across the state to Red Onion, high security prison where he was incarcerated years ago, where he exposed the torturous conditions there and from which he was transferred out of state (first to Oregon, then Texas, then Florida, then Indiana, Ohio, and back to Virginia!)
  • The Red Onion prison administration admitted that the transfer was retaliatory—punishment for the numbers of calls and complaints from the public for the fake knife-in-the-cell charges against him.
  • His medical referrals for cardiology and urology appointments were cancelled and medical records were not sent from Sussex to Red Onion. He was diagnosed with heart failure and was recently treated for prostate cancer.

There are no major medical facilities in the vicinity of Red Onion State Prison.

Rashid is now threatened with another interstate transfer.

We need to contact these Virginia Department of Corrections personnel to protest this continued, torturous attack on Rashid:

VADOC~ Central Administration; USPS—P.O. Box 26963; Richmond, VA 23261
David Robinson Phone~ 804-887-8078, Email: david.robinson@vadoc.virginia.gov

Virginia DOC ~ Director, Chadwick S Dotson, Phone~ (804) 674-3081 Email: Chadwick.Dotson@vadoc.virginia.gov

Virginia Department of Corrections Interstate Compact Liaison
Kyle Rosch, Phone: 804-887-8404, Email: kyle.rosch@vadoc.virginia.gov

VADOC ~Central Administration
Rose L. Durbin, Phone~804-887-7921Email: Rose.Durbin@vadoc.virgina.gov

Red Onion~ Warden, Richard E White, USPS—10800 H. Jack Rose Hwy., Pound, VA 24279
Phone: (276) 796-3536;(or 7510) Email: rick.white@vadoc.virginia.gov

Red Onion State Prison, Assistant Warden
Shannon Fuller Phone: 276-796-7510 Email: shannon.fuller@VADOC.virginia.gov

Write to Rashid:

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson #1007485
Red Onion State Prison
10800 H. Jack Rose Hwy.
Pound, VA 24279

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