Officer friendly is a slimy motherfucker
trying to buy kids’ trust with a two cent sucker

But we’ve had enough
of cops getting rough

And killing our kids
lying about what they did

Driving us to protest
while officials just

Present more crime bills
and continue to fill

The hood with more cops
for pretext stops

Throwing us to the ground
kneeling down

On our necks
so maybe the next

To lose their life
will be someone right

In your own home
someone you’ve known

And loved for years
your eyes blinded by tears

And grief
I daresay each

Of us know the feeling
of loved ones killed and

Beaten black and blue
and packed into

Prison cells
a living hell

Created by those
who are supposed

To serve and protect
but they show no respect

To ”We the People”
they personify evil

They ain’t your friends
they were sent in

To contain the poor protect the rich
ain’t that a bitch!

If only we could
because we should

Expel them
with forces that excel them

And bring security and peace

How long did we have unity
within our communities

Before they came in
and began blaming

Us for the disruptions
that began erupting

Among our sons and daughters
brought by their law and disorder

K-9s snapping at our heels
we’re being killed

By them at rates
that make

More than clear
that causing fear

Is their intention
just like lynching

Which is
exactly what it is

Only instead of wearing white
and attacking at night

To hide their faces
today these racists

Use a line that’s blue
to hide what they do

Behind outright lies
meant to disguise

Their purpose
to contain and hurt us

An occupying army
here to harm me

Talking about if you see something
say something

Got you snitching
and switching

turning loved ones to moles

Selling our souls
so they can control

And come in
and keep running

over us god-

Damn I’m sick of pig shit
and getting hit with

Their games of divide and rule
we ain’t all fools

But a lot of us are
and we could really go far

If you could recognize
their lies

And see in the end
the pigs ain’t your friends!



By Kevin Rashid Johnson


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