Everything in Amerika is inverted
Every ideal it professes perverted
Take for example the name department of defense
Which makes absolutely no sense
Its only role invasions
and infiltrations of weaker nations
And the department of justice
Targets just us
The poor, powerless and people of color
But protects those wealthy others
Who commit the real crimes
And undermine
World peace and stability
Because they have the ability
And exercise it
Killing and robbing multitudes but few realize it
Because the system shields
The power they wield
Through corporate monopolies
But call it a free market society
Promoting deporting huge portions
Of marginalized groups while opposing abortions
And birth control
Assuming the role
Of policing women’s bodies
While claiming it’s a free society
And the lie of an economy that trickles down
But grinds the poor and workers into the ground
While the rich few are exempt from taxation
And drive up the cost of living with inflation
With cops who swear to serve and protect us
But only kill maim and disrespect us
Everything about Amerika is inverted
Every value it claims to uphold perverted
With euphemisms its rulers disguise
A society sustained by lies
Like the claimed land of the free and home of the brave
But steeped in racism and built by slaves



Poem and art by Kevin ”Rashid” Johnson


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