Free The Motherland

Free The Motherland

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Mother Afrika
The path to ya
Has been lost to ya
Here in Amerika
They’ve disparaged ya
To alienate our feelings.

Not a word of ya
Wealth the west keeps stealing,
You deserve for us
To serve in ya
Fight for rebuilding.

How many are willing
To give back to the
Place where we
The motherland we’ve forgotten
Rejected as rotten
And even hated.

Because of white supremacist
Minds paralyzed
By divisions devised,
To disguise
And keep Blacks degraded
So the West has capitalized.

I can’t overstate it

How much we need
And must be united,
All her children
The world over
With awareness ignited,

We can’t fight it

Everywhere we see ourselves
In your image and of course,
To reclaim our identity
We must
Return to the source.

Of our history and culture
The world from whence we all came,
The love we must regain
Reclaim your name
>From ill fate and shame.

Mother Afrika
The path to ya
Lies before our feet,
Earth’s wealthiest place
A vast space
Where we all must meet

The cradle and seat
Of all human life,
Not just the place portrayed
As ripped by strife,
Divided by the knife

Of the Imperialist West
Whose wealth was built
With your resources and labor,
But we’re taught to look down
On you with disfavor.

Our test
Unite to invest,
Not divest or arrest,
Her development
An envelopment
With the love we profess.

For any mother
A bond like no other,
Unified as sisters and brothers
To recover.

Afrika rich in resources
And culture like no other.

Without your identity
We’re in this world alone,
Like prodigal children
Our consciousness must
Be brought back home.

For centuries
Her resources and peoples
Have been
Controlled by other’s hands,
Her children in chains
In other’s lands.

Together we must band,
To free the Motherland.

Reclaim and love her,
Afrika our mother.


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