Afghan Allies

Afghan Allies


By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Why the Afghan invasion
Was it so the people could be free,
Or to control gas
Deposits in the Caspian sea?

It came after 9/11
When Amerika targeted its own,
Three towers destroyed in controlled demolitions
Killing thousands right at home.

The media was used to paint
The story officials wanted told,
Foreign terrorists who hated Amerika
Boarded planes and took control.

But common sense aroused questions
Discerning minds might ask,
How could steel reinforced buildings
Be perfectly toppled from planes crashed.

Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough
To melt beams of steel,
Nor could planes collapse buildings
Not the way those towers fell.

They dropped down perfectly
Not a single one did collide,
With any surrounding buildings
Cause they didn’t fall to either side.

Only experts can achieve this
For such skills they’re highly paid,
For the deaths of Amerika’s that did not happen
As portrayed their pretext to invade.

Afghanistan then Iraq two countries
Wherein lies,
Two of the world’s largest deposits
Of untapped fuel supplies.

Was this mere coincidence
Did it just play out this way,
Or was some other sinister
Plot at play that fateful day?

Let’s look back at the record
Appeals to U.S. officials on high,
Back in the late 90s by fuel transport
Companies with Afghanistan in their eyes.

To remove the Taliban from power
So they could build a pipeline,
Across the country
To European markets from the Caspian gas supply.

A project worth trillions
That would give the U.S. the angle,
To control world fossil fuel supplies
So they could flood or strangle.

The entire world of the lifeblood
Needed to keep industries alive,
By controlling the spigot
Amerika could make economies nosedive or thrive.

In this way the U.S. empire
Would maintain hegemonic control,
Holding the world hostage
Keeping fuel supplies in a chokehold.

Opium production skyrocketed
A record high opioid addictions,
Hit the U.S. homeland with Afghan allies
At the center of this affliction.

When a stable Afghanistan failed
The U.S. simply fell back,
On a prior ploy
To control access to oil this time in Iraq.

With another set of lies
Built on vast corruption,
The claimed aim to change a regime
Building weapons of mass destruction.

Targeting a country’s leader
With political assassination,
A blatant violation
Of the laws of civilized nations.

For decades these wars drones on
Under puppet governments Amerika erected,
It took resistence of their people
To stop the slaughter of Innocents unprotected.

Because they had no armies
No air defenses that could stop,
Amerika’s war crimes
Massacring civilians by bombs purposely dropped.

On soft targets schools hospitals
Even media outlets,
Millions dead atrocities as bad
As any war crimes could ever get.

Twenty years of mass destruction
Poverty without equal the land degraded,
Bombed into the stone ages
Infrastructure devastated.

But in the end despite the
Lies told of enemy forces dead,
Amerika and its imperial war machine
Turned tail and fled.

But still they got ahead of
Others in their assaults on foreign soil,
To seize resources belonging to others
Amerika’s wars for oil.


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