We Still Charge Genocide

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

The word is a euphemism
A sneaky way
to display
To hide fascist
displacement without
lynchings and white riots
Or the “n” word
being heard
But the result
is the same
Ethnic cleansing
removal genocide
doesn’t matter the
Exactly like the Nazi
Displacing and replacing
a group for economic ‘development’
based on
racial classification
Taking over
their resources and land
Claiming those being removed
didn’t understand
how to use it properly
so they had to lose their property
To be
taken over by the dominant race
Using in this case
banks instead of bombs
blitzkriegs and brown shirts
The tamed name today
is “investment”
a century ago
the Mecca of Black resistance
now depopulated of Blacks
During Hurricane Katrina
thousands displaced
never to come back
Right on track
with policies all over the place
to remove Black communities
urban concentrations
The unity
of an internalized nation
that’s proven a
potential danger
to business as usual
In turn whites in Amerika
they use you all
against poor Blacks
to remove you all
and where to?
Concentration camps
aka prisons
Just like the Nazi program
Amerika doesn’t and always didn’t
give a damn
about people of color
or any others
who weren’t rich plus white
Gentrify means putting your ass
out of sight
The Nazis gave open racism a bad name
so Amerika had to change
not its values
but how it played the game
Again ethnic cleansing and
are exactly the same
Thing is Hitler gave testament
to his inspiration
by studying what Amerika did to the red nations
The original Holocaust
where tens of millions of lives were lost
and their land
On the very spot where you stand
as a proud Amerikan
A history you hide
and hide from
Being conceited
but it’s being repeated
against yet another nation
the Black one
It’s called


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