Politicizing Prisoners

Politicizing Prisoners

The National Coordinating Committee of Prison Lives Matter (PLM) has taken on the work of organizing to bring home our elder political prisoners and prisoners of war, who, as Comrade Kwame Shakur has pointed out, have been in many cases condemned to de facto death sentences within Amerika’s razor wire plantations. Many have been subjected to the hardships and torture of denied treatment for life threatening medical conditions like cancer and hepatitis C. Some have died as a result.

Amerika’s is the most sinister and deceitful of political systems. Built on genocide and forced enslavement of people of color, capitalist robbery of workers and robbery of the ENTIRE underdeveloped world through colonialism and now neocolonialism, public lynchings of those who struggled to gain a foothold against its racist terror, and mass imprisonment to dispose of those who cannot be put to profitable use by the corporate forces that own and control the wealth and political power in society, noone should doubt the depths to which this system will descend to repress those who dare expose and challenge it. Counterintelligence has ALWAYS been a part of its notions of self-preservation. Hence the forced exiles, and imprisonment and attempted eradication of political opponents.

It’s imperative that we bring these designs and the roles and plights of the victims of U.S. repression to public light. And not just to inform the masses but to mobilize them to defend those who are being abused, neglected and targeted with death because they struggled to expose and challenge this system in service to the people.

In addition to other initiatives, PLM is organizing a webinar for the summer of 2023 aimed at mobilizing awareness and support for freeing our elder PP/POWs.

We need maximum attention and support given to these events.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!


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