Free The Motherland

Free The Motherland

Why do we like
To proclaim,
That we are kings and queens
From royalty we came?

It was a response to
White supremacist lies,
That compared to Europeans
Afrikans were never civilized.

To counter these claims
The insult and despair,
We referenced Afrikan societies
That we could compare

To the monarchies
Featured in Europe’s past,
To show Afrikan had
Kingdoms more grand and vast.

To prove we weren’t inferior
We made it seem,
That ALL Blacks descended
From kings and queens.

Which would be impossible
By any calculation,
Since monarchs are just a fraction
Of any population.

And not only were monarchs
Insignificant in number,
They were the most corrupt
And oppressive slave owners.

A small ruling elite
Who answered to no one,
Bound by heredity
So their tiny line could go on.

Under claims of divine right
To rule for all time,
With right of succession
Determine by bloodline.

They cared nothing about
The common people,
Whose labor they exploited
In no ways equal.

They didn’t champion freedom
They held slaves,
Forced peasants to work the fields
From cradle to grave.

Allowed to keep
Scarcely enough to survive,
The lowest and largest groups
Barely kept alive.

The greater portion
Of what they produced,
They had to hand over
To the monarchs to use.

Denied control of their crops
Famines were routine,
Starving masses were
Commonly seen.

Dying in droves
Across the landscape,
Leading them often
To become irate.

Peasant and slave
Revolts were the norm,
The royalist response
Violence and scorn.

The kings and queens would never
Address them,
Only send in royal armies
To violently suppress them.

Too high and mighty
For the company of laborers,
Caring nothing to hear
Their pleas for favor.

Lower lords took advantage of
Their daughters and wives,
Forced to sell children away
To save their lives

To become concubines and slaves
There was no limit,
To the outrages suffered
And the sacrifices given.

Slaves were forced to
Extract and work up raw materials,
Then build huge royal monuments
Palaces and places of burial.

To make the monarchs
Seem larger than life,
Gods on earth
Who reduced everyone else to strife.

Remember Pharaoh
And the Hebrew slaves,
This was a story to illustrate
How ALL kings behave.

This is why democracies
Were revolutionary and new,
Giving the common people
Some power to choose who would rule.

Under these systems
They could have grievances pled,
Things for which monarchs
Would sever their heads.

So kings and queens
Are not people we should aspire,
To imitate emulate
Praise or admire.

Doing so definitely
Won’t free us,
Nor will it affect nor should it matter how
White supremacists see us.

In this day and time
What we need,
Is not princesses or princes
Kings or queens.

We need power
All ruling classes dethroneneed
So the common people
Control and own.

The wealth
That their labors produce,
So they can determine
Its appropriate use.

We don’t want to be monarchs
Who don’t see or treat us as equals,
We want to end all oppression
We want all power to the people!


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