New Afrikan Wimyn

New Afrikan Wimyn

Malcolm X once said
We’ll stand up to get free
When we wake up
Open pour eyes and see
Our human worth
Cuz we been degraded from birth
Taught to see something
Praiseworthy in being insulted
Spat on with a smile
So that now
Degrading ourselves is the style
Like being called bitch
A description given to switch
The nature of abuse
Of Black slaves
By white rapists
Who like all sexual predators
Try to discredit the
Women and girls the victimized
By projecting lies
To make their foul deeds look justified
Like claiming she wanted it
Which is what bitch meant
To say Black females weren’t victimized
Because they were more than pleased
With what the attackers did
Even when the victims were kids
Now it’s the usual
The name used to call
All Black women and girls
Dogs in heat
So they act like they raw meat
A continuation
Of being degraded for generations
From birth
Like you ain’t worth
A single stitch
You ain’t a bitch!


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