Dizzy with success intoxicated with self-glorification

This was a criticism written of Shaka Zulu aka Zulu Sharod by Tom Watts on January 22, 2020. It is being shared for reference purposes in regard to an upcoming article.


Dizzy with success intoxicated with self-glorification

“Chairman Mao said: I hope that you will practice Marxism and not revisionism; that you will unite and not split; that you will be sincere and open and not resort to plotting and conspiracy.”

It is not my intent to vilify Comrade Shaka but to seek a method of correction. This latest bit of business with his attempting to sabotage Comrade Rashid’s opening a page on facebook is intolerable, but most  serious is the burning jealousy he evidently feels and is giving vent to. We have already placed him on suspension from the Central Committee for his individualist actions and violations of democratic centralism. He was allowed back, on probationary status, after making a self-criticism. Since then, he has continued to undermine and sabotage the work of the CC at every turn employing passive aggressive tactics, plotting and factionalization.

I believe we have no choice left but to renew his suspension—this time publically—and reduce him in rank to a Branch Chairman for Newark, NJ. In this way he can continue with the good work he is doing while the CC seeks to find another comrade to be its spokesperson pending the founding congress of the Party. We do not question Comrade Shaka’s sincerity or resolve in wanting revolution. Our concern is with his perspective and methods. It is an ideological-political problem, and it is endemic with our lumpen comrades most particularly—not just Shaka by any means.

Shaka is a man who is loath to accept criticism, who only craves praise and flattery not only from others but himself as well. He is more comfortable with new comrades than with old, because his old comrades know him better. It is easier to change company then yourself, and paint yourself larger than life. I have known Shaka for many years and see his qood and bad qualities. I have tried to nurture the good and criticize the bad—as I have done with many, but in a more concentrated way with him.

Mao teaches us that: “The correctness or otherwise of the ideological and political line decides everything. When the Party’s line is correct, then everything will come its way. If it has no followers, then it can have followers; if it has no guns, then it can have guns; if it has no political power, then it can have political power. If its line is not correct, even what it has it may lose.” Yet, Comrade Shaka does not credit the line for our advances but claims the glory as his alone for the successes we have had.

Sun Tzu taught that: “Battles and wars are won or lost before they are fought.” Also: “The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the country.” In our case, our “country” is the whole world and our “sovereign” is the masses of oppressed and exploited people. As Mao expressed: “Our point of departure is to serve the people whole-heartedly and never for a moment divorce ourselves from the masses, to proceed in all cases from the interests of the people and not from one’s self-interest or from the interests of a small group, and to identify our responsibility to the people with our responsibility to the leading organs of the Party.”

At this time, our responsibility is to rectify and strengthen the ideological-political line and practice of our Party. There will be twists and turns on this road, but we must persevere and keep our eyes fixed upon our destination and what is needed to reach it. Some will fall by the wayside and some will lose their way only to regain it with renewed commitment. Time will tell. We earnestly hope Comrade Shaka will learn from this disciplinary measure and rectify his issues in good time.

Our ideological-political line will bring many to our Party and the mass movements we sponsor: Some of very good quality, but all with human flaws and negative aspects. We must be optimistic and have confidence we can help them to overcome these bad tendencies, but also be realistic. The responsibility of the CC is to keep the Party properly oriented and guard its integrity by application of it ideological-political line. The job of the Chairperson is to be the voice of the CC and its collective leadership. Comrade Shaka proposes an inverse relationship, which is essentially commandist. This cannot be allowed.

It is the duty of all comrades to bring new comrades into the struggle and to recruit the best men and women we can to replace us or supersede us. Careerism has no place in a revolutionary party, we should aim to serve in whatever capacity we can and never should we try to climb over our comrades to advance our rank or standing. Higher position means greater responsibility to set a proper example not license for self-indulgence. Shaka has a responsibility to set a much better example than he has, and we must demand it of him.

Overall, it is not Shaka as a man we must direct criticism at but bourgeois ideology and practices. Study and struggle are the principle means of correction. If Shaka persists with his plotting to split the Party, then it is better we endure it now than later. If on the other hand, he embraces the campaign for rectification, we will applaud his courage and wisdom. It is the ideological-political line of the Party—not the fate of individuals seeking recognition and position that is important and upon which our success or failure depends. Hardships only make us stronger.



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