Party Facebook Page Deactivated by Shaka Zulu


The New Afrikan Black Panther Party practices collective leadership with important decisions made by group discussion and majority vote.

On 1-12-20 the central committee of the NABPP resolved by unanimous vote of present members to begin publishing our newsletter, Right On!, on Facebook. Another objective of the page was to engage in spreading the party’s analyses and line to the people, as opposed to trends of using social media as a platform to promote individual agendas and creating personality and celebrity followings of individuals. Although Comrade Shaka Sankofa Zulu, Chairman of the NABPP, was aware of this scheduled meeting he didn’t appear or participate. SZ was also previously aware of cc plans to create a social media platform for RO!

The FB page was created on Jan 20. Because the page was registered in my name, so any potential actions by FB to censor the page would not affect any other party or comrades’ pages, “/kevinrashidjohnson” was used as the link.[1]

Immediately after the page went up and Shaka became aware of numerous friend requests being sent from the page to others, he began posting on his own page that any page set up in my or the Party’s names and not expressly endorsed by him and the circle of UPM cadre around him in Newark, NJ, should be distrusted, that the friend requests should be declined, and the site “reported” [!?] to FB.

Shaka was contacted and informed by a number of known comrades connected to me, and even by the NABPP’s General Secretary, that the site was legitimate, yet he persisted in these efforts.

As a result the page was deactivated by FB.

Because those actions happened in the public domain and impacted an important collectively decided upon party project, the NABPP stands in public criticism of SZ’s actions related to the FB page. The matter will be further addressed within the NABPP with public notice of the outcome.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!




[1] Facebook has increasingly suspended and deactivated a number of pages that criticize or challenge the status quo, which has disproportonately affected people of color.


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