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blackpanther-redstarThe Panther Solidarity Movement (PSM) is a continuation of the original Rainbow Coalition started on April 4, 1969 by Chairman Fred Hampton of the Chicago Chapter of the BPP.

Many efforts have been made to form Rainbow Coalitions, most often as reformist, non-revolutionary formations. Chairman Fred’s was the first and most revolutionary. It brought the BPP together with many pre-existing groups that were organized around nationalities, including the Young Lords (Puerto Rican), Brown Berets (Chicano), American Indian Movement (First Nation), Young Patriots Organization and Students for a Democratic Society (white), and others. This provided a structure under which many races could be united and organized in a structured way to build community-based power against the common enemy: capitalist imperialism.

The PSM aims to revive this coalition with a new generation against the same enemy.

Any pre-existing community-based group, organization, or association may join the PSM, so long as they agree to embrace the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party’s (RIBPP) 10 Point Program and prioritize serving and uplifting the oppressed communities. The aim is to combine support of the 10 Point Program with other views, and to root our movement in the oppressed communities.

The PSM is an umbrella term that describes the entire Panther movement, which includes the RIBPP, anther Solidarity Organization (PSO), and allied mass organizations. PSM embraces diversity in ideological, political, cultural, and spiritual tendencies and beliefs. All that is required is unity in carrying out and coordinating programs that address the needs of the people, based upon the basic community demands of the 10 Point Programs.

Beyond this basic programmatic unity, PSM member groups don’t have to agree on anything except basic rules that will ensure democratic decision making, and the safety and security of members.

The movement itself is a forum through which the people can express their opinions and ideas, and unite everyone who we can around serving the people in the communities where they live. The role of the RIBPP is to give political guidance to the movement under the strategy of Pantherism which is based on Revolutionary Intercommunalism. (1)

RIBPP will not sponsor any group, organization, or association that is not democratic or that attempts to force its views upon others, but as long as it supports the 10 Point Program the group may be accepted as an independent faction within the PSM.

Any groups, organizations, or associations interested in joining PSM may contact the RIBPP’s General Secretary at or get into contact with any RIBPP member.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!
1. For a discussion of Revolutionary Intercommunalism, see, “What is Revolutionary Intercommunalism and Why We Embrace It” (2021)


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