​The Great White Hope Or Great White Hoax: Who Is Tom “Big Warrior” Watts Aka Xing Eela? (2020)


Although he would have people believe that he’s an humble, self-effacing figure who only wishes to serve the interests of humanity, Tom “Big Warrior” Watts aka Xing Eela has a larger than life legend he has created about himself and repeats at every opportunity (especially when addressing an audience he wants to win over, or when responding to or deflecting criticism), as if by repetition it becomes credible.(1)

In his narrative, Tom, a white man, has since his youth identified with oppressed people of color and joined their struggles against oppression. As a result, and most relevant to his present but hidden ‘role’ as the person directing NABPP chairman Shaka Zulu aka Zulu Sharod, Tom ended up in the late 1990s as advisor to Sam Grey Wolf, chief of the United Eastern Lenape Nation (UELN), and was “drafted” by Lenape elders to become their nations’ historian.

He even refers to a Lenape prophecy that a white man would become their history-keeper as validation of himself in this role.

Note, Tom ALWAYS portrays himself as being “requested” and reluctantly accepting a leading and guiding role over others, however in reality and as I will demonstrate, he usurps these roles and appropriates and moves decisively to take control of the cultures and liberation movements of the people in question.

History is replete with white men who’ve done this, and Black folks especially are suspicious of white leadership of our struggles for this very reason.

Tom is deeply aware of this, and to avoid such suspicions against himself for this very reason, he has angled to conceal his directing role behind a Black front person, while cleverly, and in utter hypocrisy, claiming publicly that he believes people of color should lead their own struggles, and that Black people should lead the overall struggle to overthrow the existing capitalist-imperialist system under which everyone suffers. (2)

As Tom’s legend has it, he took issue with the moves of the widow of Chief Sam, who, upon his death, wanted to select the new chief and other things that Tom says defied Lenape tradition. But which would actually have undermined the role he had taken on under Chief Sam’s leadership, to “rebuild” the United Eastern Lenape Nation (UELN) to bring things more in line with Tom’s view of Lenape tradition, and most likely his own desired role as the new chief.

As a result, Tom and a tiny group of, I believe LESS THAN A DOZEN, mostly white men left the UELN. Appropriating the Nation’s identity and culture, they called themselves the Traditional United Eastern Lenape Nation (TUELN), and Tom declared himself their “Chief”—a “Great Leap” indeed, and total abandonment/betrayal of his “drafted” (and prophesied?) role of Lenape historian.

But the role of self-declared Lenape Chief wasn’t big enough for him.



Tom went on to create the Red Heart Warrior’s Society (RHWS) out of an AmerIndian prisoner correspondence program that he’d been “asked” to take over from Chief Sam.

With the RHWS Tom aspired to merge many different AmerIndian Nations into a warrior society, over which he (ever the reluctant leader), once again named himself “Chief.”

Tom’s RHWS and its RED HEART WARRIOR newsletter that he published gained the attention of two politically active Black PA prisoners, Samuel “Angel” Coley and Nathaniel Lee, who aspired to develop a similar society for Black prisoners. Tom “agreed” to “help” them, but soon took over their operation as well.

Not long after founding that group, the Black Brigade (BB), and its own newsletter called LEVIATHAN, Angel died from hepatitis C. Nat went on to lead the group and edit its newsletter which Tom published. As Tom explained to me in various letters, he disagreed with Nat’s political views, or lack of clarity of any political views at all, and Tom wanted to control what was printed in LEVIATHAN. Nat resisted Tom, yet Tom persisted and would insert what he wanted into the newsletters and have Nat simply write editorials to give the impression that he endorsed the content.

In one instance Tom put an issue out without Nat against Nat’s wishes, then insulted Nat for expressing discontent with what he did. As Tom wrote to me on Sept 5, 2005:

“I’m having trouble with Nat. He got mad because I put together the summer issue after he’d decided not to have one. He wouldn’t write an editorial for it. He really got mad because I accused him of having a ‘hissy fit’ when things don’t go exactly to his plan.”

When Nat criticized Tom as wanting a Black flunky to serve as his frontman and to parrot his own views, Tom took over the newsletter, changed its name to SERVE THE PEOPLE, and cut Nat off from the membership of the BB. He enlisted me and Shaka to back him in taking over and changing the name of the BB to the New Afrikan Service Organization (NASO).

Before the takeover of Nat’s organization and newsletter, Tom convinced me to cofound what was to be a prison version of the BPP with Shaka. He also tried to get Nat to join with us, because he wanted the BB to be the recruiting base for this new organization.

Nat and numerous other PA prisoners, including PP/POW Russell “Maroon” Shoatz, opposed reviving the BPP and a prison version no less (Maroon stated his opposition in the Forward to my book, DEFYING THE TOMB).

But because Nat was the leader of the group Tom wanted to serve as the base ofne new BPP formation and was an obstacle to Tom’s desire to control this group and the content of its newsletter, Nat had to be purged. To prejudice me against Nat, Tom even wrote to me that he suspected Nat may have been “turned” by the pigs—a claim I’d witness him make several more times against Comrades who’d oppose or criticize him.



As is his common practice, Tom dishonestly reconstructed the history of this entire struggle between himself and Nat as a political one instead of him maneuvering to take over someone else’s group and work. I have his letters to me verifying what happened as described above.

I should point out that I never knew nor corresponded with Nat, Shaka, nor any of the people Tom brought into the picture through his prisoner correspondence. I knew about them only what he wrote, so saw them through the pictures he painted of them. Which I now realize was an error, seeing how Tom projects positive or negative views of people based on his intentions for or against them, and that he would certainly lie on or slander them under circumstances where they can not refute him or defend themselves.

Instead of seeing him as an unscrupulous conniver, I took Tom at face value, as the benevolent, honest, selfless Comrade he presented himself to be in his prolific writings and self-validating legend. I accepted the false account of his struggle with Nat that he concocted after-the-fact and disregarded the real-time events he described in his letters to me as they unfolded.

In fact, I based an article on the false account he gave me, where I described their struggle as one between the political theories of Thomas Hobbes (Hobbesianism)—which he claimed Nat embraced—and Pantherism. Tom actually had written to me during his struggle with Nat, that Nat had no identifiable political line or foundation at all. He simply resisted Tom’s control. In 2005 Tom wrote:

“I think we should just go ahead and print the 1st issue of RIGHT ON! [the NABPP-PC’s newsletter] and skip the LEVIATHAN special issue. Nat would be sure to try and block it. (4) He’s made clear he doesn’t support the idea of restoring the BPP.

“It’s hard figuring out where he’s coming from. He’s verbally anti-capitalist, but also anti-Communist, and he’s definitely not an Anarchist, and he’s anti-democratic. Where he’ll end up I don’t know. He’s a bird in flight, and who can say where he’ll land.”

Tom also gave a fabricated history of the development of the NABPP and NASO in a recent article he wrote and signed my name to against my will and without democratic centralist agreement. Namely, the Nov 8, 2020, “Position Paper of the NABPP on the UPM: Reassessment, Rectification and Reorganization.”

In that article he claims Nat expelled me and Shaka from the BB and in turn, the entire BB resigned their membership, reformed as NASO, and followed the newly constituted NABPP-PC. All a lie. Shortly after writing the above comments to me about Nat, Tom took over the BB newsletter, hijacked its entire membership and readership, and cut Nat out of the picture, and spread foul rumors about him behind his back that he could not refute.

While I do agree with the outcome of that struggle, namely the creation of the NABPP and NASO (now the United Panther Movement) as the Party’s mass organization, I now recognize and I oppose Tom’s Machiavellian methods (“the end justifies the means”), used in producing these results and his dishonesty in recasting what occurred.

Since being able to interact and communicate more directly with him over the past year, instead of being limited solely to written correspondence as we were throughout the duration of our prior acquaintance, I have observed his recurring tendency to falsify events and history of work he’s been involved with, to validate himself and positions he’s taken, especially in struggles with others.

Tom spreads lies, factionalizes against, and slanders people who oppose or criticize him, to manipulate people and situations, to try and produce outcomes he desires, to play on people’s sympathies, and so on.

One of his key methods of influence is he writes floods of articles repeating the same lies over and over and over (which as I point out in .1 below, is a bourgeois brainwash tactic used by Nazis and advertising agencies to subconsciously influence people to believe things that they may even know to be untrue).



Tom used me and Shaka as his black ‘frontmen’ as he wielded total control over the NABPP and NASO and our newsletters, which he edited and published. He took complete advantage of the fact of our imprisonment to exert his control and use us as the face of what was in effect “Tom’s party”–a ‘party’ that actually existed on paper only in the form of articles I wrote, or that he wrote or ghost-wrote in others’ names.

Buying into his self-validating legend and pretend humility, I embraced Tom as comrade, friend, and mentor. Because we had studied and embraced the same political line, history, and theory, and engaged in extensive correspondence on these subjects, we united in many of the same ideas in developing the ideological and political line and strategy of the NABPP.

I didn’t want to be any leader and resisted his appeals to join in creating a prison-based version of the BPP. He went to considerable lengths to convince me. I explained to him that I’d take any such role very seriously, and did not wish to be the cause of misguiding or steering anyone astray as an assumed political leader. I questioned myself in such a monumental role.

He argued that history chooses its leaders, and appealing to my recognition that vanguard leadership IS needed to move any revolutionary struggle forward, and because of my exceptional political knowledge and quick intelligence, as he described it (which he argued I was wasting by engaging in physical battles with the pigs, usually on behalf of other prisoners), and my demonstrated commitment to aiding the oppressed, he believed I had a calling and duty to accept this role. Otherwise, I was guilty of refusing to truly stand against this oppressive system. He ultimately won me over with his ‘reasoning.’

At his prompting, I curtailed my physical clashes with the pigs and their goon squads and wrote many articles over the years setting out the Party’s line and analyses based on it. In matters of politics and revolutionary theory he often commented that we seemed to “think with one brain.”

I also wrote many articles laying out the organization and structure of the Party and its mass organization, which I developed independent of any influences by him. Tom is an extraordinary political theorist but has never had the capacity to develop or elaborate practical methods of organizing political work. Which I recognized and he admitted to me many times. As he stated in a 2013 letter:

“As you point out I am not good at organizational tasks. The skill sets of a good organizer are quite different than an innovator. I am what they call in the corporate world an ‘idea man.’

” You can hitch a polo pony to a cart, but that doesn’t make him a good draft horse.”

It was his weakness as an organizer AND HIS REFUSAL TO RELINQUISH CONTROL OF THE PARTY, that I would ultimately recognize caused many of its failings and lack of development.



In addition to expressing to me many times that I’m the only person he knows who politically sees the things he sees and grasps his views, he believes I have the organizational capabilities he lacks.

Yet as I began to struggle against him blocking the development of the NABPP, its mass organization and the movement it purports to lead because of his organizational inabilities and failure to politically develop and relinquish his efforts to control the Party to Comrades who do have organizational skills, he now professes to have “allowed” me to accept credit for his contributions to the Party’s line and theory as if he developed them alone, which I’ve never sought nor done. In fact, if he has relinquished any credit due him to me, it was to hide behind me as a Black frontman, as he angled to keep control of the Party and UPM from behind the scenes, which I refuse to allow.

Although he often claims he corresponded with hundreds of prisoners during the years of the Party’s existence, Tom never developed a single Comrade who grasps the Party’s line, theory and strategy—instead he ghost-wrote many articles in the names of others he independently appointed to leading positions in the Party, none of whom were trained or qualified to fill those positions.

Before and since meeting Tom, I was involved in writing reports and articles about abuses of other prisoners by officials, which often generated public protests. As a result of this work and my involvement in aspiring to revive the BPP, I was targeted by federal and state pig agencies as a “domestic terrorist threat,” and ended up having my communication lines cut off by the pigs until I successfully countered this through legal action. During the time that I was held incommunicado, I agreed to allow Tom to act and make decisions in my name. I then had complete trust in him.

It was during this time and in this manner that Tom solidified his enduring control of the Party and appointed various Comrades to leading positions who didn’t qualify for those positions and didn’t grasp the Party line or strategy, but deferred to Tom’s control. People were put in leadership positions simply to fill those posts and say we had a Central Committee, the pretense of a Black leadership body.



In fact, in hindsight, it becomes clear that he never taught anyone essential Party information and was thereby able to keep control of the Party and legitimize our ‘need’ to keep him in such a position.

Again, as testament to his failings as a mentor and/or his designs to keep those who looked to him for political education incapable of leading and developing the Party, he failed to produce anyone who grasped the Party’s essential ideology, politics, and strategy that he and I developed, over a 15 year period of corresponding with what he said were hundreds of prisoners.

Indeed, as some of them have been released from prison, the few who got in contact with us had the most muddled and confused views of the Party’s line.

Tom did mention to me many times that the numbers of prisoners who came under his influence because of us creating the Party and books I got published, far exceeded those who responded to the RHWS, and he, therefore, chose to focus all his efforts on the Party—he finally had a substantial following (albeit in prison).



During Jan 2019, Shaka was released from prison and created a UPM collective in Newark, NJ where he lived. Around that time, (Nov 2018), I was interstate transferred to Indiana’s prison system where, for the first time, I was able to regularly communicate by phone with outside people. I was therefore able to interact with both Shaka and Tom in efforts to help develop our work.

With the Newark UPM collective, Shaka was able to develop some promising local community programs. But I observed a number of errors made by him and his maneuvering to make the Newark UPM his own personal clique that he ‘commanded’ with no accountability to the CC or Party. Acting according to the political principles, line and ideology laid down for the Party, I was able to get the CC to struggle against these things with some success.

During this time Tom planted seeds of rivalry in Shaka’s mind, telling him falsely that I had no confidence in his ability to develop Party work once he got out, and that I jealously felt Tom always sided with Shaka over me. I never thought nor said any of this to Tom, and confronted him in front of the CC about lying to Shaka saying I had. Tom replied that he never intended to create any rivalry between Shaka and me, but has never explained why he’d told Shaka these lies.

It seems Tom felt the need to keep Shaka dependent on him for political instruction and therefore distrustful of me.

Tom also recently expressed the belief that Shaka and I are in competition with each other to impress him and win his affections. I can’t speak for Shaka, but as for me I find such a notion offensive and an expression of Tom’s paternalistic and racist ego.



Tom and I began to clash as I was able over the past year to directly witness his inability/refusal to develop and allow others to come forward who have organizing abilities that he lacks, and his persistence in angling to keep control of the Party and use others as Black front men to conceal his controlling power of an organization that is falsely portrayed as led by Black people.

In response to my opposing his methods and criticizing him, Tom invented a number of fabricated allegations against me including claims that I conspired and factionalized with Will Griffin, who resigned as National Spokesperson for BPOC after Tom snitch-jacketed him to me, to change the Party strategy and create a deviant structure in the UPM. During a CC meeting on Oct 11, 2020, I responded to and disproved each of his accusations and exposed him to be blatantly dishonest—the CC unanimously agreed that I responded to and disproved all of his claims against me. Yet he persists in repeating them (defying democratic centralism), as if by doing so it makes his lies true, and claiming that I’ve sought to avoid, deflect and refuse to answer those accusations.

He has done all this and more in efforts to deflect my criticisms of his actions and inactions that I believe impair the Party’s development and growth, sinking roots in the oppressed communities, and carrying out our strategies.



Tom’s Machiavellian methods to counter me have included efforts to undermine my relationship with my partner Shupavu, by attempting to feed her lies about me.

Immediately after I submitted a written criticism of him on Oct 10, 2020, titled “We Must Combat Subjectivism and Liberalism,” he wrote a deflection containing the false claims mentioned above and more, including stating that since he’s known me I’ve always had an intimate relationship with a woman whom I’ve used as a “girl friday” and to put money on my prison account, at least until she found out that “she’s not the only one.” He sent this lying statement to me via an email address controlled by Shupavu so she’d be sure to read it.

As said, I disproved all of his allegations at the Oct 11 CC meeting. On this particular “girl friday” issue, I quickly proved him a liar by asking him to name ANY woman in the 15 years prior to Shupavu. When he couldn’t name anyone, he sheepishly responded, “maybe I exaggerated a little bit.”

I added that I’ve never asked nor allowed any woman I’ve been in a relationship with to give me money, nor depended on them for my political work. In fact, during my last relationship nearly 15 years prior to Shupavu, I couldn’t receive money on my prison account because I owed tens of thousands in disciplinary fines and restitution for medical expenses for guards I’d allegedly injured, destroyed prison property, etc. Tom made no attempt to refute any of this—he couldn’t.

But it put on display that he will invent lies against anyone who challenges or criticizes him, to deflect criticism, and preserve his self-righteous messianic image.

On Nov 12, 2020, I resigned from the CC and Politburo in protest of his controlling methods, incompetence, and lies. He then went further attempting to slander me, threatening to go public with his previously disproven lies if I publicly revealed that I resigned and why.

He obviously felt the need to continue using me as a face of the Party’s leadership and to protect his controlling role, and preserve the false image of the Party being a Black run organization which Shaka has been feverishly trying to pass off on social media, after he and Tom spread false claims that there was an attempted Brown takeover of the Party by BPOC members under Will Griffin, (also after an article was circulated on social media by a rival organization contending that the NABPP is really run by a white man, namely Tom Watts).

Tom tried again to weaponize both Shupavu and Shaka against me. This time he sent them both a letter addressed to me and an article about me, both written by Tom, where he again rehashed his previously disproven lies and added to this claims that I’m jealous of Shaka and trying to steal the limelight from him.

He also tried playing me and Shupavu off each other and to sway her with flattery and power plays—stating in the secret letter and article that she was smarter than me and saw through my “games,” that he was going to personally recruit her onto the CC, and more. He asked her and Shaka not to share the letter and article with me, as if to test their loyalty to him while trying to poison their opinions of me behind my back. He told both that he was sending them these documents just to get their opinions of what he wrote about me. That this was a slimy behind-the-back scheme to slander me in secret and indirectly blackmail me into silence about my resignation needs no elaboration.

But it failed to achieve anything except further prove how liberal, unscrupulous, unprincipled, dishonest, factionalistic, conspiratorial, divisive, and guileful Tom truly is—the same Tom who, when it serves his purpose, loves to quote Mao’s statement that, “I hope you will practice Marxism and not revisionism; that you will unite not split; that you will be sincere and open and not resort to plotting and conspiracy.”

While Shaka did keep Tom’s letter and article secret, Shupavu shared them with me, at which point I called and asked him if he’d sent her these writings in which he repeated his previously disproven accusations against me as if they were true, exposed CC issues to a non-Party member (namely Shupavu), and asked her not to inform me. He answered, “Yes.” I hung up. He then immediately called her and asked if she had shared what he wrote with me, which she affirmed.



Seeing Tom’s open duplicity on display, I went back and read all of his letters to me (which I’d kept over the years), to see if these tendencies were evident all along but I’d overlooked them.

Rereading him in this context, I saw a clear pattern of control games, manipulations, and deception by him used on me and many others, some of which I’ve already described.

Tom’s aspirations and self-image have never been modest. Despite his pretensions, he has never been modest. He compares himself to Lenin and Mao. In fact, he has often described himself as personally leading the Amerikan and world revolutions. To say his measure of himself is grandiose is an understatement.

Yet he’d have people believe he has never had any ambitions or self-interest in the increasingly larger power grabs he’s made—from taking on the role of historian of and to “rebuild” the entire Lenape Nation; to appropriating their identity and culture and declaring himself their chief; from creating a multinational AmerIndian ‘society’ over which he also declared himself chief; to taking over a Black organization, newsletter and movement; then creating a new revolutionary party and movement to lead a world revolution against history’s most powerful system of oppression, under his “personal” direction.

But his ego and racist messianic aspirations aren’t the principal problems.

The main problem with all this is, EVERY ONE of these initiatives has fallen flat on its face under his control, and EVERY “organization” that he’s created or taken over never grows beyond a tiny handful of people in society.

He abandoned the role ‘entrusted’ to him (also prophesied?) of Lenape National historian and rebuilder; he’s the ONLY living survivor of his TUELN, now a nationless “chief;” the RHWS, BB, and NASO are no more; the Party is in shambles with the ENTIRE CC having resigned except him and Shaka, BECAUSE of his and Shaka’s failings and unaccountability as leaders; and the Party, the UPM and its movement have fallen apart and are smarting under a growing onslaught of criticisms from the people that have never been answered.

Having recognized his repeated failures and inabilities as a leader, teacher, and organizer, I struggled to constructively point out Tom’s flaws, how they contributed to our collective failures, and what we needed to do to correct them.

In response to my criticisms, he went on the attack with a litany of lies, slander, and attempts to incite rivalries as described above.

As EVERYONE who’s been in the leadership of the NABPP or observed its operations has witnessed, Tom can’t even organize something as simple as a meeting (he doesn’t even comprehend creating an agenda, taking minutes, setting discussion time limits, controlling a debate, or anything else that attends a political meeting), yet he conceives of himself as leading a Party and world revolution. When relied on to organize anything he fails miserably, yet refuses to allow others to take on necessary leadership roles and tasks for fear of losing control.

He’s INCAPABLE of leadership, demonstrably doesn’t know how to train others to lead, and blocks anyone who doesn’t blindly defer to him who IS capable from leading. As I quote him admitting above, he’s only good at generating ideas.

He professes to practice Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, but is completely spontaneous and anarchistic in his practice. On top of this he’s in failing health, and not because of any political exertions, but because he simply refuses to stop smoking and to control his diet. What’s more, his physical health makes his ability to lead even more impossible.

He demands discipline of others but himself he refuses to control. He dismisses those like myself who hold him to similar discipline as voluntarists. Tom simply does not take an accurate measure of his own limitations. What self-perceived messiah ever has?

Dialectical materialism teaches the people HOW TO THINK. Tom doesn’t impart this science to others. Instead he tells them WHAT TO THINK, creating a role for himself where people depend on him to do just this. This is his relationship with Shaka.



Tom doesn’t aspire to see any Black-led revolution. It’s all a rhetorical front for his continuing to interlope and control Indigenous and Black front groups that go nowhere.

Again, he has not, indeed cannot, develop the needed Black revolutionary leadership, even though he had a literal “captive audience” (prisoners) for at least a decade and a half, whom he could have educated and trained for this role. But NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS EMERGED as a result of his ‘work!’ What’s more, he has blocked and demoralized those who I have tried or managed to develop.

Every great revolutionary leader was a good teacher and developed cadre capable of mobilizing the masses for decisive struggle. They were not mere pedants who showed off their intellects to woo people.

I uphold the MLM line that ideological and political line determines everything and that our Party has the most advanced and correct line. But the line has to be UNDERSTOOD by leading cadre and APPLIED by the vanguard organization taking it to the masses, to carry the revolutionary struggle forward to success.

As Mao also explained, theory without practice is empty; it only becomes valid when applied and proven correct THROUGH practice. Tom has blocked its implementation and I’ve been in struggle against his obstructions.

By Tom’s own admission, only two people know and grasp the theory and strategy of the NABPP—him and me.

I have never engaged in deceitful practices with the people nor tried to elevate myself above anyone nor in anyone’s eyes.

And I aspire to see the NABPP as a genuinely Black-led Party, not the front organization of a self-appointed condescending white savior pulling strings behind the scenes and holding back its work and development with his duplicity, political dishonesty, revolutionary rhetoric and lack of organizational competence and insight. As Mao said, “there are two ways of doing things, the honest way and the dishonest way.”

THIS is why we are at odds.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!




1. In his prolific writings, Tom frequently uses the methods of capitalist advertising agencies and Nazi propagandists of repeating a lie over and over to program people to subconsciously believe it.

2. I now COMPLETELY disbelieve any and every account where Tom claims that he was “asked,” “recruited,” or “drafted” by others to take on controlling positions. He is a conniving liar. As I demonstrate in this article, he takes on and over such roles by craft, deceit, manipulation and forcible takeovers. Worse still, he even tries to convince people he’s done this to that they actually ASKED HIM to take on such positions. He’s done it to me. For example, as I show, he went to considerable lengths to convince me to cofound and take on a leading position in the NABPP in 2005. Yet, in a 2013 letter to me he claimed I ASKED HIM to help me cofound the Party, as if he just expected me to adopt this lying narrative. In that letter he recited his legend story for the umpteenth time, and went on to explain how I factored into it. He began with his oft-repeated grandiose statement, “I did not set out with a master plan to personally lead the revolution in Amerika.” Further on he wrote, “Then some Black prisoners asked me to set up a similar organization [to the RHWS] for Black prisoners, so we started the Black Brigade, within that you and Shaka and Hasan Shakur asked me to help build a Black Panther formation within the Black Brigade, and I agreed to do that.” I didn’t ‘ask him’ to do any such thing, and Hasan wasn’t around when the Party was created. He was actually our first recruit, and I have Tom’s letter from latter 2005 where he suggested that I recruit Hasan and appoint him as our Minister of Human Rights.

3. See, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, “Advancing From the Black Brigade to the New Afrikan Service Organization: A Great Leap Forward!” (2007) http://rashidmod.com/?p=545; also in my book PANTHER VISION, p. 273

4.Tom had compiled a “special issue” of the LEVITHAN with articles he wanted to include which Nat opposed, and wouldn’t write an editorial for it. To add insult to injury Tom dismissed Nat’s resistance to him taking over the BB’s newsletter as him “having a ‘hissy fit’ when things don’t go exactly to his plan.”


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