Stealing Money From Stolen Lives: The Black Lives Matter Scam (2020)

"It should never ben easy for them to destroy us." - G.J.

Police Violence Victims Reject BLM

The national leadership of Black Lives Matter has come under repeated fire for exploiting situations of community outrage over police violence and scamming families who’ve had loved ones murdered by the cops.

These criticisms have come from none other than the communities and families themselves–from the very people who BLM pretends to stand in support of.

At every turn, BLM has avoided responding to these complaints.

Among those exploited by BLM have been the families of Mike Brown, Jr, who was murdered in 2014 by a cop in Ferguson, Mo; Richard Risher, who was murdered by cops in LA, Ca in 2016; Alton Sterling, who was murdered by cops in Baton Rouge, La in 2016; Michael Wesley who was murdered by cops in Chicago, IL in 2013, and many others.

In fact on May 30th, and with the support of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP) and United Panther Movement, many of these families joined together in Minneapolis, MN in unity with the protests there against the police lynching of George Floyd, to form the Stolen Lives Movement, specifically separating themselves from being led by BLM.


BLM Hustles The People

BLM has generated millions of dollars from donations from billionaires and also fundraisers directed at everyday people.

There have long been questions directed at BLM leaders asking where all this money has gone since neither the families nor communities have seen any benefits from it. At every turn, BLM’s leaders avoid these questions. Just as occurred during June when BLM’s managing director Kaylee Scales conducted an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit. The Q&A tanked because questions about the money kept coming in, which Scales would not answer.

During 2016 BLM ran a fundraising scam on Lisa Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher. In a video interview with Lisa, Melina Abdullah, a co-founder, and leader of BLM announced a BLM fundraising campaign in Lisa Simpson’s name, promising that the money would go to pay her son’s funeral costs.[1] Lisa never saw a penny of the money raised.

Since then Melina and BLM have avoided Lisa and her inquiries about its false campaign and promises to her.


Trying To Hide Its Thieving Hand

On July 9, 2020, Melina Abdullah posted a video on her Facebook page promoting Black studies and portraying herself as a champion of this discipline. In the comments section to this post, I wrote a statement questioning BLM’s practice of exploiting families like Lisa Simpson’s. I wrote:

“Why is Black Lives Matter exploiting the loss and trauma of the families of victims of police murders for its own clout and financial gain? Among the MANY victims of this opportunism and exploitation is Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher, who was murdered by LA pigs. Melina Abdullah led a fundraising campaign claiming the money was going to Lisa and her family to pay for their funeral expenses. The family never saw a dime, and Melina Abdullah and company ignored Lisa Simpson’s efforts to contact them about this and other promises made to the family by BLM. BLM does NOT represent the interests of Black people. See my article, “OpporCOONists: How Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter Aim to Co-opt the Mass Upsurge.””

(A copy of my comments is attached with this article).

Melina didn’t attempt to answer my comment. Instead, less than 3 hours later, she had it erased from her post.

Upon speaking with Lisa Simpson after this happened, I asked if she had heard from Melina or BLM. She responded that she hadn’t and remains incensed with how they used her family’s tragedy to raise and steal money in her name.

Lisa also expressed that it was telling that Melina erased my comments from her page and didn’t attempt to respond.


BLM Has Sold The People Out

BLM’s leadership has long since sold out to materialistic and popularity pursuits. They’re in pawn to billionaire investors that are married to the establishment’s political parties, who are now using BLM to steer the masses back into accepting this foul political and economic system that they’ve been fighting against since the lynching of George Floyd. Just like BLM sold out the protests in Ferguson, Mo after the murder of Mike Brown.

Many of BLM’s rank and file members sincerely want to see real change and an end to this oppressive system, but that’s not the vision of BLM’s opportunistic leadership. They’ve been thoroughly co-opted.

This is why just a few years ago BLM was designated a terrorist group and a target of destruction by the government and media. But now, as the mass upsurge has spread all over, even the government and mainstream have now taken up the slogan “Black Lives Matter.” In fact, it has been exposed that BLM has been illegally funneling a major portion of the money it has received to the Democratic party, to continue the existing system of politics as usual.

As the NABPP’s Minister of Culture, Kwame Shakur, pointed out while attending the Stolen Lives Movement’s gathering in MN, the young BLM members in the streets there are very different from the sellout leadership. Many of the local members are down to fight for genuine change, and we support them and invite them to join revolutionary organizations that are down for the whole struggle to end this racist, oppressive capitalist-imperialist system. We do not, however, support the leadership of BLM that has been misleading the people, and using their struggles and suffering for personal gain.

Former BLM activist Debian Ade laid the case against BLM out perfectly, in a post he made on Facebook on June 4, 2020, at 11:24 am. He stated:

“Ima be straight up, this is not BLM’s moment. BLM had its time, and right now it really needs to move out of the way for a more revolutionary Black movement that is more organized, more politically mature, and better suited to clap back at the police state. In 2014 BLM co-opted the Ferguson rebellion to propel national agendas for police reform that failed to do anything to actually prevent police violence. It did, however, jump-start the professional careers of career activists, booked innumerable high profile speaking engagements, generated exorbitant amounts of Soros money, and fueled hundreds of thousands of dollars into police departments for ‘body camera equipment’ and’implicit bias training’ that most departments didn’t even use for that purpose and just ended up using to further militarize and expand law enforcement. Most of the local chapters on the ground didn’t see a cent of the money being fundraised by BLM national. I know because I helped start a local BLM chapter in Ithaca NY and talked directly to [Alicia] Garza and was assured that tangible resources would be given to support us. That never actually materialized, our phone calls and emails were never returned. Local chapters, who were often made up of already preexisting organizations in the communities who been doing this work, were mules pushing forward BLM while the career activists and NGO reaped the benefits… I’m not gone stand for BLM coming back to co-opt the labor, courage, and sacrifice people are making so it can steer them down the same direction. BLM is dead and we must move beyond it.”

Thing is, the pigs and media have breathed new life back into BLM, by plastering its name all over the mass upsurge, and in this way, they’ve portrayed BLM as the face leading this struggle. And BLM in turn is doing the establishment’s work of co-opting the movement in the streets and steering it down the blind alley of reform.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
All Power to the People!



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