Kevin “Rashid” Johnson Transferred From Oregon to Texas

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been transferred again.

Rashid had been held in Oregon’s Orwellian Snake River Correctional Unit – an unvarnished behavior modification programme – since last 2012. In Oregon he had written a series of articles exposing the racism, medical neglect, and psychological abuse to which prisoners in that state are subjected. Like his initial transfer from Virginia to Oregon over a year ago, this latest move – yet again, across the country – is clearly retaliation for his persistence in shining light on abysmal and destructive conditions that prevail in prisons across america.

So now Rashid is in Texas. We don’t know what condition he is in, or what conditions he is being held in, but the time after a transfer is often disorienting, and the prisoncrats and guards often seize the opportunity to practice their malice. For that reason, now is a particularly important time to reach out and let this comrade know that he is in our thoughts – even a postcard with a simple message saying hello would be welcome at a time like this – and in doing so, you also let his current captors know that he is not alone, and that despite their efforts he is not isolated from us.

Write to Rashid at:

Kevin Johnson
TDCJ # 01859887
264 FM Road 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320

Make sure a first and last name are clearly printed in the return address section of the envelope or your mail will be returned. Also, remember not to say anything that would give the guards an excuse to mess with Rashid more than they already are.


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