RACISM DIES WITH CAPITALISM (2024) By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

race is an invention
a social prison
of artificial division
the oppressed separated
into ranks that race
for first place
in a caste system
on the color of one’s face
by those in power under
so that our
focus might be diverted
from them to us
when they are the common foe
but we don’t know
because through their systems of control
and influence
they show
an inverted reality
a confluence of images
that portray them as heroes
of elevated validity
but the workers and poor
as mats on the floor
to be trampled across the globe
sapped of our roles
as the producers of all
that make societies flow
so where do we go
what must we do
to take control
we must unite as a whole
to overthrow
the source of division
and polarization
upon all bases
such as nation
and racism
gender and
sexual orientation
whatever serves to divide
workers and those who must ride
on the basis of class oppression
on the worker’s side
a divide
often difficult to grasp
by the victims
of this system
so the struggle
must be led
with precision
by a party of comrades
united and driven
by a working class vision
of liberation
to dismantle
all divisions
then we can all
enjoy the highest quality of living


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