ISRAEL A SOCIETY OF HUMAN SHIELDS (2024) By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

The Zionists kill
Palestinian children
claiming terrorists
attack from behind civilians
yet they
created Israel
use it as a whole society
of human shields
a nation of settlers
where Jewish identity
is used with impunity
to wield
violence genocide
ethnic cleansing occupation
of a true Semitic peoples
the Palestinian nation
to the Levant
under racist doctrines
religionized by European implants
Palestinians expelled so they can’t
giving citizenship to any
who claims Jewish identity
the open practice of racial supremacy
claiming the right to stand
take possession of Arab
schools homes land
and villages
a settler society
that continually pillages
brown people
entire communities once thriving
into desert sands
where they can barely survive and
those who dare to defend
themselves and their families
those who take a stand
defying white supremacist Zionist plans
to ultimately remove ALL Arabs
take ALL their lands
distracting the world
reminders of Holocaust crimes
none of which
was committed by the people of Palestine
Zionist Ashkenazis
from victims in Europe
to villains in the Middle East
genocide applied
by settlers
pretending to seek peace
the whole world misinformed
by propaganda to keep hidden
a vision
of modern day Naziism
another version
of white supremacist racism
the extermination of Palestine
the real antisemitism
a crusade genocide
in the name of religion
with false prophetic visions
of land supposedly god-given
to a claimed chosen people
the basis of
racist divisions
the same thing done
by whites
to American Indians
even within Israel
Black and Brown Jews are driven
to the bottom of society
a modern apartheid system
ruled over by
a rich white ruling class
and white politicians
all kept hidden
by the powerful Zionist
propaganda machine
whose indoctrination methods
were passed without seam
from Nazis to Zionist Ashkenazis
during the holocaust
Zionists were Hitler’s patsies
who didn’t care what the cost
they shared a common vision
displacing other races to enforce racist division
the basis of today’s extermination
of Palestinians
turning Arab lands into killing fields
which they continue to steal
while hiding within
Hamas can’t hold a candle to
an entire society used as human shields


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